Is Love Now Required For a Marriage License?

It sounds like a silly question, but do you think love should be a requirement for marriage? Is it an infringement on your rights for you to be required to love your spouse? I believe there are many couples that stay together for years and years without loving each other, but should that be their choice or should a law dictate what is appropriate?

It brings up another question, what exactly is love? Do you actually have to like someone in order to love them? As one man in this video says, “Beth and I have been sitting silently in front of the TV set for twenty years; you can’t tell me that’s not marriage.” Another person says, “We didn’t choose to feel nothing for each other, that is just the way we are.” Protesters to this bill are carrying signs that say, “15 years since our last physical contact and still married.” They believe that resenting their spouse should be a constitutional right.

This video below, which made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt, is a great satire on this topic. Funny or not, it still raises a good question about marriage. Is there a legal implication for what a marriage should be?

In usual Onion style, they have done a fabulous job poking fun at something that is very near and dear to a lot of people. It’s all very interesting to me. It must be interesting to a lot of other people too considering this video has only been on YouTube for one day and it has over 50,000 views.