Juicy Reading: The Blog For Disgruntled Ex-Apple Employees

So, this isn’t brand new, it’s been around since August, but I just found out about it yesterday. As someone who works very closely with Apple on a daily basis, it was a little entertaining and juicy to see what happens behind the scenes through the eyes of an ex-Apple employee.

Yep, that’s right, I’m sharing with you a blog for ex-Apple employees to rant. Granted, keep in mind; these are mostly Apple Retail Store ex-employees. That is relevant since when have you ever known of any retail employee to be happy? They are usually the people working the longest hours, for the smallest pay, and many times they put the money they make right back into the store because of the “employee discount.” No wonder everyone I know in retail hates their job. Regardless, this is still entertaining. After all, on the Apple website, they do make it look like working for them is the bomb. I grabbed a couple screenshots for you below. One is of the “About” page of the blog, and one is a recent post from a about a week ago. Geezzz… this is harsh!

I’ve never had anything but good experiences dealing with Apple, what about you? Get a glass of wine and settle in for some fun reading. Once you get started, this is like watching a soap opera. You wanna turn it off, go to a different site, do something productive instead of reading it, but you can’t stop yourself… Here is the link: Crapplestore

[via 9 to 5 Mac]