Karen V Davison Gives Chef’s Guide To The Best Culinary Publications

There’s no better time than right now to start reading some of the country’s best culinary publications. With more downtime than ever before due to COVID-19, people have started cooking at home more than they have in a long time. Not only is it safer than dining out, but dining out is no longer an option in many cities. Thus, reading a culinary magazine is a great way to get inspired and learn a new skill.

There are plenty of culinary publications available in America, all of which bring something different to the table. Whether you’re interested in finding new recipes, reading reviews for cooking tools and gadgets, scanning interviews from some of the top chefs in the country, or simply learning about different cooking or baking techniques, there is guaranteed to be a magazine for you.

Dallas, Texas-based chef Karen V Davison outlines her favorite culinary publications in 2020. Davison is a professional chef, culinary blogger, and overall culinary enthusiast. Having worked in kitchens and restaurants all over North America, she has built a reputation as a creative force in the kitchen who crafts wonderful meals from the first course to the last.

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Food & Wine

According to chef Karen V Davison, a great all-purpose magazine for foodies around the world is Food & Wine. Each issue of this culinary publication is chock full of travel and entertaining tips. Plus, it has quality photographs of the different recipes featured inside to entice readers.

Even better, each recipe in Food & Wine has been tested by some of the country’s top chefs, so you can rest assured that the methods are fool-proof. Inside, readers will find tips, tricks, and recipes for everything from soups and salads to desserts and pasta. Also, be on the lookout for their annual list of Top 10 Best New Chefs. Each year, Food & Wine chooses 10 up and coming chefs from across the globe and does a profile on each of them in the magazine. Many of their careers inevitably end up taking off.

Fine Cooking

For those looking for inspiration, as well as to improve their cooking skills, Fine Cooking is for you. Chef Karen V Davison claims that of all the culinary publications on this list, Fine Cooking does the best job of actually teaching the art of cooking. They offer detailed, step by step instructions and photographs to ensure that even the newest chefs will be able to follow along. Best of all, Fine Cooking is jam-packed with new and exciting recipes for all occasions. Everyday weeknight dinner? Check. Special appetizer or dessert for the holidays? This publication has you covered.

Bon Appetit

You can never go wrong by picking up the latest copy of culinary publication Bon Appetit. This award-winning food and lifestyle brand specialize in the latest trends within the culinary industry. Combining food, travel, and home, each issue is packed with everything from at-home entertaining tips and tried and tested recipes to profiles on the newest wine and beer, as well as feature articles on the hottest dining destinations.

Readers can also expect reviews of some of the latest foodie gadgets and appliances and tips for eating healthy. Overall, Karen V Davison claims that Bon Appetit covers a wider range of culinary-related topics than most other publications and is suitable for both beginner cooks and expert foodies.

Cook’s Illustrated

Cook’s Illustrated is one of the best magazines for those brand new to the world of cooking. Published by America’s Test Kitchen, this culinary publication will make anyone, even a complete novice, feel comfortable in the kitchen. Step by step instructions, no technical jargon, and recipes suitable for beginners are just a few of the ways that Cook’s Illustrated have made themselves accessible to all.

Karen V Davison also appreciates that there are very few advertisements in Cook’s Illustrated, which makes for a much more enjoyable reading experience. Not to mention the fact that it leaves room for even more recipes and information. In one issue of Cook’s Illustrated, readers can expect to find recipes for all types of meals, reviews of cooking equipment, the history of certain recipes, and the best cooking methods to use (how they differ from others, and why they are superior).

In essence, each issue is like a textbook, with plenty of helpful information for cooks of all levels.

Clean Eating

Trying to eat a little healthier? Then consider picking up a copy of Clean Eating. This magazine is all about — you guessed it — clean eating, otherwise known as eating a diet of healthy, whole foods in their natural state. To some, eating healthy might sound boring. That is where Clean Eating comes in. This publication has page after page of healthy recipes that are full of vitamins, nutrients, and protein, but that also happens to taste great.

Clean Eating refuses to sacrifice flavor or texture, which is how they’ve developed such a loyal following. Chef Karen V Davison also enjoys the more lifestyle-focused articles the magazine features, such as how to reduce your carbon footprint through food or reasons why processed food is dangerous. They also often do profiles on specific organic ingredients and the many benefits they offer.

Bake From Scratch

Although Karen V Davison is a professional chef from Dallas, she also has a soft spot for baking, which is why she chose to include Bake from Scratch on this list. This culinary publication is all about baking. Readers won’t find any Betty Crocker cake mixes or Pillsbury cookie dough in here. Instead, Bake from Scratch is centered on delicious, tested recipes that are made entirely from scratch.

Gorgeous photography, easy to understand recipes, and profiles on regional favorites are just a few things that Davison loves about Bake from Scratch. They even have a section on the world’s best bakeries, so you can start planning your travels around which bakeries you want to visit. As a chef herself, Davison also loves the exclusive interviews that Bake from Scratch features. Almost every issue, they do a profile on an expert baker or pastry chef and get the inside scoop on the best baking tips and tricks they can offer.

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