Land and Water Fun Gigantic Toys!

Now you can have fun both on land and water with this huge, gigantic toys! First up is this gigantic RollerBall is simply awesome, potentially dangerous, but nevertheless awesome. Once inflated this behemoth stands about three metres high, and is rather like a spherical cushioned igloo. The idea, which sounds insane, is to put it at the top of a slope (we suggest a very gentle one with a long unobstructed run-off), strap yourself in, and then roll down the hill trying not to lose your lunch*. Inside the center  shell is a harness, so you can strap yourself in and really enjoy the adrenalin rush, no doubt with a side helping of queasiness. There is a version of this mad sport that requires you to remove the harnesses, add a bucket or two of water, tie in the seal (which comes with the ball and straps into the opening), and launch yourself off. Not in a month of Sundays would we do that, but there you go. The ball is made from a very tough material, and comes with a puncture repair kit, but nevertheless you want to be sure you’re using it in a clear area – and ONLY EVER on private land, and with supervision. Sounds like we’re trying to put you off, we’re not, but this is not a mad toy, it’s a serious sport that requires some common sense and plenty of due care – then it’s a hoot. The RolerBall comes with a powerful pump that will inflate it in about fifteen minutes and needs a mains supply (or a 240v generator).

walk-on-water_mainWalk on Water What utter joy! Larking about on the water just got even more fun. The Walk on Water Ball is a giant six foot diameter inflatable sphere that lets you walk on water (and who knows what people will say about you in 2000 years time). Made from a heavy gauge PVC, the sphere has inset cups on its outside surface enabling it to grip on the water, so as you run and roll around inside it, you automatically propel it along! It’s probably the best water toy ever invented. With two of them you can engage in an aqua-sumo face off – who can push the other contestant out of the pool? We recommend using an electric pump to inflate it, but you can just as well use a decent foot pump (from your local hardware store or bike shop). Like all inflatables that aren’t life belts, this is not a life-saving device, but it sure is a life enhancing one.

Features :

  • A giant inflatable globe so you can literally walk on water.
  • Made from heavy gauge PVC.
  • Inset cups on the outside surface that enable you to grip the water. Your movements inside the globe propel the globe along the water, much fun!
  • A speed safety valve.
  • Tie-Down grommets.
  • Suitable for ages 8 years + with adult supervision.
  • Suitable for those of 12.5 stone or less.
  • Size: – Inflated: 183 x 183 x 183cm
  • Deflated in box: 59 x 52 x 39cm.
  • rolerball_alt3walk-on-water_alt1walk-on-water_alt3