List Of Things That Can And Can’t Be Stored In A Storage Unit

Do you have a lot of things that are just taking up all of your space in the house? Or do you have precious collections that you want to store safely somewhere? Self-storage facilities are now getting popular worldwide. With the benefits it gives to people, it became a new way to store your belongings while keeping them safe and secure. If you are thinking of storing some of your stuff, here is the list of things that are allowed and not allowed in a storage unit.

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Items That You Can Store In A Storage Unit

Getting a storage unit is an affordable, secure, and flexible way to store your belongings. Especially for countries like Singapore or Hong Kong, where house areas are very limited, storage units can help you make more space at home. The experts at Storefriendly mentioned that there are many things that you can store in a storage unit. Here is the list of items that are allowed inside a storage facility

Furniture – the most common item stored in a unit is extra furniture. Sofa that doesn’t quite match the interior, antique drawers you want to keep because of sentimental value, and any unused house furniture you are not ready to dispose of.

Seasonal Items – if you have Christmas decorations taking up most of the space in your drawer, the best way you can do is to keep them away in a storage unit. They are the best in keeping seasonal items that you only used once a year.

Clothing – clothes of your family members who are away in college or abroad can be kept in storage. Also, if you are moving out and don’t have a lot of space in your flat, you can keep your shoes, bags, and other clothing items in there. Most storage facilities have climate-controlled storage to keep mold and mildew away from your clothes.

Cars, boats, bikes, and surfboards – if you think you can only just store small items in a storage unit, you are wrong. You can keep big vehicles and even sports and outdoor equipment in the facility. You can ensure that they are safe inside since there’s 24/7 security.

Items That You Can’t Store In A Storage Unit

Although rules and regulations vary from one facility to another, there are few major categories that are usually not allowed to keep in a storage unit.

Living Things – any living things like plants or animals are not allowed since their basic needs like sun, water, food, and fresh air can’t be provided inside. Also, it is unethical to put animals in a storage area. You store gardening items or pet stuff but not the actual live plants or animals.

Flammable or combustible items – although storage unit temperature is usually controlled, flammable and combustible materials can explode or catch fire. It is best not to store propane tanks, gasoline can, lighter fluid, fireworks, and the likes. Remember that your storage unit will be locked, and the staff has no way of stopping anything that can happen inside.

Items that will attract pests, mold, or mildew – scented or wet items can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Storing food items or anything wet is strictly prohibited to avoid any unwanted problems that may occur. Some people also rent a storage unit for garbage, which is not allowed because it can attract pests and vermins and make the whole storage unit smell.

Some storage facilities even offer transport service, flexible duration, and even one month trial. Besides, they are not only for personal or residential use but also for business or commercial use. Bear in mind that same as many things, just choose a trusted and reliable company. After all, these things are important for you, and you don’t want any terrible things to happen to them.

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