Long-Term Vaping – A Safer Option Than Smoking

As skepticism increases, Public Health England (PHE) says e-cigarettes could assist people in smoking cessation.

For the smokers of the United Kingdom, the government launches a new campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to increase awareness among smokers that vaping is a safer option than smoking. A Vapemate is 95% less injurious than tobacco. PHE proved this fact through an experiment. They use two bell jars with cotton wool. One jar with sticky black tar represents the lungs of a chain smoker. Other jar remains clean because vape releases a limited amount of nicotine. The jar has some traces of residue through vaping.

The situation would be disastrous that thousands of cigarette smoker, who could quit this habit with an e-cigarette, are apprehensive because of false doubts of safety. Health Improvement doctor at PHE, Prof John Newton, urges that they have to reassure smokers that e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco smoking. People must understand that vaping could pose a fraction of risk only to smokers.

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Risk Of Vaping To Smoking

The dangers from e-cigarette or vaping are minute, so smokers can get the advantage of these gadgets. A study at Birmingham University claimed that vaping could affect the cells of your lungs. While the authors stated, they didn’t believe that e-cigarettes are more harmful than standard cigarettes.

Head of Tobacco control program at PHE, Martin Dockrell, said scientists are ambitious to save smokers from dangerous diseases. Studies about the hazards of chemicals in vapes and e-cigarettes run prominently. A number of these studies have misleading and contradictory information. People find it difficult to filter the truth. As a result, they believe in different things as per their convenience. A smoker finds it difficult to quit smoking, so the misleading studies about e-cigarettes can be attractive for him.

Popcorn Lungs With Vaping – Really?

Some stories highlight that vaping becomes the reasons of popcorn lung. Popcorn lung is a condition that causes coughing and makes it difficult for people to breath. A distinctive flavor, used in popcorns, is responsible for this disease. This flavor is found in e-cigarettes. Keep it in mind that the level of diacetyl chemical is 100 times higher in ordinary cigarettes.

The USA is more concerned about vaping because school students are using a small device known as Juul. This device looks similar to a little USB stick. Anti-smoking campaigners are shouting that it can be a gateway to smoking. It could happen; therefore, it is recommended to use a vape or e-cigarette with the recommendation of a doctor. Excess of everything is terrible, so vaping can be dangerous if you are overdoing it.

Newton claims that we want to encourage smokers to try e-cigarette in their journey to completely quit smoking. If you’re going to quit smoking, make sure to consult a doctor or join a rehab to get a personal quitting plan. Dr. Lion Shahab from London College University said that wrong belief that e-cigarette and vaping are as damaging as smoking could discourage thousands of cigarette smokers from converting to e-cigarettes.

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