Jar With A Twist Will “Unmess” Your Messy Jar Interaction

How many times have you sworn never to eat peanut butter or Nutella ever again because it gets your fingers messy when you reach for the leftovers at the bottom of the jar? It’s a tough question I guess, but it is an annoyance that not many innovators have tried to solve. The mess that is left on your fingers when trying to reach the last goo at the bottom is relentless, but a new innovation called the ‘jar with a twist’ could possibly solve this problem once and for all.

I think we have all tried to “unmess” the messy interaction with a half empty jar by grabbing a longer knife or something else to scrape the good stuff out of the jar, but we’ve had little success. It seems today’s jars are set on making our lives into a messy reminder of how unoptimized our own fingers really are. On top of that, we have let this go on for years and years without anyone ever being able to solve this problem, and so we’ve kept the jars around. I would call that lame, wouldn’t you?

Well, those days could possibly be over now that finally someone has started to think outside of the box, or the jar. The solution comes from The North Carolina State team. It’s a jar with a twist, literally. The jar with a twist is exactly what it sounds like, a jar with a twist. At the bottom of the jar itself is a screw mechanism that when turned will push the contents of the jar upwards and make it easier to access. This of course means that you will no longer have to endure that messy interaction you are used to with your original jars.

The jar with a twist innovation will unfortunately add a 3 cent increase in price (including the licensing fee) for each jar it’s implemented on, but it will also eliminate food waste since the mechanism scrapes every single bit of the interior so that you can easily use it without having to go through the messy endeavor of trying to get it out of the jar.

The jar with a twist is no doubt one of those big innovations that I think we’ll start seeing widely across the globe within a couple of years from now. On another note, this has been available for deodorant for eons, so why hasn’t anyone made the connection before? The world is sometimes a tricky place to navigate, isn’t it?

Jar With A Twist – No More Messy Fingers!