How To Lose Weight With A Varied And Delicious Diet

Whatever a person does, he will not lose weight permanently, if he fails to change the habits that led him to the gain of surplus kilograms. These habits are formed because with the stagnant lifestyle – inappropriate diet and low physical activity. So, the intake of energy from food exceeds the consumption of energy for physical activities.

People understand it, but often in their attempts to lose weight, make a substantial mistake: They are starving, semi-starving, eliminate whole food types from the menu to reduce the energy intake, without increasing the consumption of energy.  However, this cannot lead to a sustainable weight loss and it is harmful to the health. A person needs a variety of substances which participate in the body processes.

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Carbohydrates, let’s say, which are among the first “culprits” for overweight, in fact, have a diverse role for the body and half of the daily intake of calories should be supplied through them. Carbohydrates, for example, participate in the formation of antibodies and the maintenance of the immunity.

With their shortage, one of the adverse effects is a decrease in the defense power, which predisposes to viral diseases and colds, reduced glucose in the blood, easy fatigue, headache, etc. The same applies to the other usual “culprits” – the fats. The scarcity of some of them harms the mental health, nervousness appears, aggressiveness, reduced concentration, falling into depression may occur, etc.

For the weight loss, the balance should be found – with varied, tasty and healthy meals, the consumption of energy to exceed the intake of energy. This balance should comply medically with the characteristics of the specific person: type of body, age, sex, abilities, any eventual diseases. Such an approach is applied in the various programs of the specialized clinics for relaxation such as LuckyFit in Bansko where individual models for useful habits are drawn up.

With the correct approach, the weight can be reduced by 8% for two weeks’ period. Following the advice of the specialists, a person may lose up to 30 % of his weight for a year, and maintain the weight that he wishes.

The Overweight And The Accumulation Of Toxins

The surplus kilograms are connected with numerous health problems – related to the cardiovascular system, respiration, muscles, bones, and joints, etc. Unsuspected for many people, but a serious problem is the accumulation of toxins in the body. They do harm yet at the cellular level, from there, the disorders of the tissues and organs start, leading to different diseases.

Toxins are mostly formed by chaotic and inappropriate eating in our hectic and busy lifestyle. Consumed are, for example, lots of semi-prepared food with preservatives, stale food, etc. When a person eats ‘as it happens’ during the day, it disrupts the natural process of digestion. And since he feels hungry, in the evening, he overeats, which the digestive system fails to cope with in time.

Overeating is increased with the “comfort” of sitting in front of the TV let’s say, by not being aware when he is full. From the not-digested-on-time food, there are residues, which are decaying and release toxins, and the blood is carrying them around the body together with the healthy substances. Thus, apart from the kilograms, toxins are accumulated as well. That’s why, when thinking about weight loss, a person should take care of detox for the body.

There are specialized methods such as the program LuckyFit Full detox, which combine the weight loss with body cleansing from toxins. The elimination of the toxins affects the body universally for improving its general condition, but it is also recommended for specific diseases. The toxins impede for example the activity of the kidneys, the liver, the large intestine, the lymph, etc.

Heading towards a healthy lifestyle, one can turn to the yoga practices through various programs such as for example Selected properly, in a complex with a daily routine and diet, these practices improve the physical health and mental state, bring the human into peace and harmony. Special respiratory exercises are alternated, Yoga poses, meditation and relaxation, and the participants are familiarized with the main yoga theses as a lifestyle.

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