Make Your Business Trip A Success With A Checklist

It’s the situation every business traveler dreads. You’re midway through a long journey, possibly in a foreign country, and you realize that you’ve left some essential item or other at home. In some cases, this can be annoying; in other cases, it can be absolutely disastrous.

Fortunately, there’s a way of avoiding this problem: with the help of a checklist! Simply tick off the items as you pack them, and avoid doubt. While the contents of luggage might vary depending on what you’re doing, certain items are common to just about every traveler. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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Travel Documents

Your passport is an essential piece of travel documentation, without which you won’t be going overseas. But other materials, like confirmations from hotels, car rental places, and airlines, are similarly critical. Keep them in a safe place – ideally, a wallet reserved just for the purpose. If you have train tickets, then check the line for planned engineering works or delays.

Phone, Wallet, Keys

The items that you take with you everywhere are probably the easiest to remember – without them, you may feel that little bit lighter, as though something’s slightly wrong. Still, it’s worth tapping your pockets to ensure that it’s all there.

Check The Weather

You’ll want to dress appropriately for the weather you’re going to be enjoying on your travels. If you turn up somewhere sunny in heavy business attire, then you’re unlikely to be comfortable. As such, you won’t perform your best.


If you’re going to be spending time on long-distance flights and trains, then a laptop provides a means of remaining productive. Smaller laptop devices can be more easily crammed into your luggage, but they tend to come with inferior battery life – so choose yours carefully.


You may want to listen to music, or participate in Zoom calls, while you’re on the move. To do this, you’ll need the right pair of headphones. This is something that’s easily overlooked, being so small, so pack them somewhere that’s easily accessible.

Divide Your Luggage

Splitting the interior of your case with the help of dividers will make it that much easier to get everything out on the other end. Keep one compartment for leisurewear, and another for your business attire. The bag itself should also be substantial enough to carry everything, but not so huge that it becomes an encumbrance.

Don’t Forget To Point And Speak

Japanese train conductors use a system of pointing and calling to reduce the chance of error. As they check the platform and the train prior to departure, they point and call. If something’s amiss, they’re much more likely to notice. You can adopt the same principle when you pack – run through the list out loud, perhaps with the help of a traveling companion. You might be glad that you did!

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