How To Make Your Next Trip Overseas A Lot More Affordable

Are you frustrated that you’ll never be able to travel overseas because of a limited budget? Well, it’s time to squash the myth that travel is outrageously expensive. Even an international trip can be affordable for someone making a moderate amount of money.

See The World Without Breaking The Bank

Traveling the world isn’t cheap, but it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. As long as you have a job making a moderate salary and do a decent job of keeping living expenses within a normal range, you can make room in your budget for international travel. Here are some tips and suggestions to get you where you need to be.

1. Know Which Websites To Use

To a degree, affordable traveling is made possible by the internet. No longer do you have to go through a travel agent or some booking service that tacks on fees. It’s as easy as knowing which websites to access.

Let’s say, for example, that you really want to travel to Dubai. By booking flights and hotel accommodations through a deal site that aggregates the best prices from across the web, like, you can save hundreds (if not thousands) on your trip. Instead of costing more than $400 per night, a stay at Jumeirah Beach Hotel can cost you less than $275 per night. Need an even lower price? You can snag a room at the Fairmont Dubai for right around $100. This is all possible when you know which sites to use.

2. Book Way In Advance

You’ve probably heard people tell you that you can save a lot of money by booking airfare in advance. But exactly how far in advance do you need to begin looking for tickets?

According to research, the prime booking window is between 112 and 21 days out. Anything before this window could cause you to spend $20 to $50 more, while anything closer to your departure date will cost you as much as $200 more.

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3. Travel During The Offseason

[pullquote]Who says you have to travel during the busy season?[/pullquote] Not only is it more enjoyable to travel when everyone else is working, but it’s also a lot cheaper. Airlines, hotels, and attractions often lower prices during slower months to encourage travel.

Think about things logically. Kid-friendly destinations are busiest during the summer, while tropical destinations are often packed December through February. Try to do the opposite of what the masses are doing and you’ll typically find some discounts.

4. Eat Your Meals In

Airfare and hotel accommodations may make up the majority of your trip’s cost, but do you know the real secret to affordable travel? Limit your meal expenses. When you look at the average price of meals in major cities, you’re probably looking at $40 per person per day (minimum) if you eat three meals out. Throw in things like alcohol, snacks, and deserts and you can easily spend $75-plus without even eating at “nice” restaurants.

Here are two hacks to save you lots of money. The first is to stay at hotels that provide complimentary breakfast – especially if you’re traveling with multiple people. The second is to stay at places that have mini-refrigerators and/or kitchenettes in the room. This allows you to visit a local grocery store and prepare your own meals at a much lower cost.

Start Planning Your Next Trip

Remember, it pays to plan in advance. The earlier you start booking flights and hotels, the cheaper your trip will be. It’s also nice to have the trip paid for ahead of time. This makes it much more enjoyable when the time finally comes. So where will you go?

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