Colors You Wear Say More Than You Know [Infographic]

Anyone who has followed Bit Rebels for a while knows that I am a statistics fanatic. I couldn’t keep away from statistics even if my life depended on it. That has many times lead to long and boring algorithms that return the result of a question that I probably could have Googled to get the answer faster. But my eagerness to know exactly what is implemented is usually far more important to me then the result itself, if that makes sense. So, have you ever wondered what the colors you wear say about you? I mean, we are often fed with sentences like, “That shirt matches your personality!” So is this true? Are we really aware of what the colors we wear say about us?

If we were to analyze the colors we wear and then descend to the core of it, we would see there is a story to be told. It’s a story that is quite simple, and luckily one we can change. An infographic called Meaning Of Colours by Starfashion is compiled from a lot of research, and the result is both interesting and eye opening. If you know what your favorite color is, you can easily look up what it says about you in this infographic. It is as simple as that.

If you are wearing a lot of red for example, you are expressing intensity, aggression and energy. So as you can see, it’s not only about the good or bad vibes you’re sending. It is actually a mix of everything. But if you were to go through this process every time you buy new clothes or when you get dressed every morning, you would most likely go absolutely crazy sooner or later.

Just because these are the things that these colors express, it doesn’t mean everyone has the same look and feel when it comes to colors. You may consult it every once in a while for good measure, but depending on it completely wouldn’t make for an optimized lifestyle, right? So what is your favorite color and do you agree with what the infographic tells us? Maybe you like to wear a lot of dark colors, black in particular, but are you a person of great authority? This is definitely food for thought that is worth looking into. When I look in my own wardrobe, I find a lot of dark and gray clothes, but when I look at all the t-shirts that I have, I am greeted by a color palette that I am sure not even the most hardcore artists have access to.

I definitely enjoy topics like this since they give us a whole new look on colors altogether. It’s like watching a whole alternate reality unfold before your eyes that you didn’t really pay attention to before, even though it is has always been present. What makes me curious is whether or not this will change the way you look at your own wardrobe, and if it will spawn a shopping spree epic enough to be documented and shared. I guess my question is, will you start buying clothes based on what they will express, or just go for what you like instead?

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