Can Medical Marijuana Treat What Ails You?

Choosing the right kind of medical marijuana (MMJ) for a particular physical ailment is an important step in getting better. For people new to the MMJ market, there are a few key facts to learn before choosing the most effective product.

The first thing to know is that MMJ comes in four distinct varieties, called strains by doctors and researchers. Each one has completely different chemical profiles. What’s that mean for you? For starters, you’ll have to carefully list the symptoms of your illness. Next, you will search your symptom to find the best strains. Fortunately, there are tons of online resources that tell you exactly what kind of MMJ to choose based on the symptoms you have. First, let’s take a quick look at each of the four varieties and what kinds of symptoms they’re most effective for.

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Often branded to contain words like dream and haze, use of this variety can result in a noticeable energy lift. For that reason, anyone who needs to use medical marijuana during the day or in the early morning will choose this variety. If your job is mentally or physically rigorous, you probably want to be sharply focused and full of energy and will do well with this option. What kinds of symptoms can sativa help with? Generally, those users facing fatigue, headaches, nausea, mood disorders, ADD, lack of focus and various levels of pain look to sativa for relief.


If you need to sleep more, suffer from lack of appetite or generalized anxiety, indica is an ideal choice. There is a pronounced psychoactive reaction for most people as well as a high throughout the entire body. Choose indica for glaucoma, Parkinson’s, muscular dystrophy, or insomnia.


Hybrids tend to be a mixture of sativa and indica. It offers relief from insomnia, depression, stress and fatigue. Additionally, hybrids are okay for use any time of the day in most cases. The overall effects depend on whether the hybrid strain you choose is closer to sativa or indica. Most of the newer strains that growers create are hybrids because there’s something of an art to getting the mixture just right between its two components.


CBD stands for cannabidiol, and is the strain with little or no amount of THC. For that reason, this is the choice for consumers who don’t want to feel any kind of high at all. It can be used any time of the day and is usually a good remedy for stress, pain, headaches and inflammation. Sometimes doctors will prescribe CBD for patients who are prone to painkiller addiction.

Each strain has its own particular set of effects as well. Sativa, for instance, are not very sedating but do offer a so-called head high and generally produce a happy, uplifting, focused, euphoric effect. Indica’s high THC levels lead to sleepiness, sedation and full-body relaxation. Hybrids tend to result in focused, happy, creative and talkative effects. The fourth strain, CBD, has few pronounced effects because of its low THC levels.

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