How Men Can Dress Professionally Without Looking Boring

How you dress for work is an important component of how you feel, and the level of confidence you exude. In a world where people are increasingly dressing in jeans and flip-flops for work, one of the best ways you can stand out as a man in a professional environment is to dress the part.

Whether you work in a traditional office environment, or you’re an entrepreneur with your own startup, it’s important to be put-together and well-dressed, to give an excellent impression and make sure people feel confident in your skills and abilities.

For many men, however, it can be tough to master the balance between dressing professionally without looking boring. The following are some key tips that can help you get your work wardrobe aligned with your professional objectives, without appearing bland.

Get Your Clothes Tailored

[pullquote]In a professional environment, the fit is so important.[/pullquote] Think about how different the same suit would look on the same person if it had a baggy fit, versus fitting well and being professionally tailored. Getting the perfect fit is the best way to ensure that your workplace fashion is a standout, but remains appropriate.

Even if you buy a relatively inexpensive suit, taking it to a professional tailor can make it look expensive and custom. Find someone you trust to do the tailoring of your work clothes, and make sure you always go to them with new items.

If you’re worried about your budget, include the cost of tailoring in how much you’re willing to spend. For example, if your budget for a new suit is $400, include the cost of tailoring at for example $100, and only spend $300 on the suit itself.

Small Bits of Color

When you’re a man dressing for a professional environment, you don’t want to go overboard with color, but you can incorporate it in small, memorable ways. Consider something like a colorful tie or pocket square. It will make your outfit stand out just enough, without being too loud or overwhelming.


A lot of men don’t want to go overboard with the patterns when they’re at work. It tends to take away from the air of professionalism, and patterns on a shirt, for example, might not necessarily be flattering.

Consider interesting textures instead. For example, a suit with a very subtle herringbone pattern can give an outfit visual interest, while remaining professional.

The Accessories

For men who want to dress well at work, accessories are critical. A few options include things like cuff links that are personalized, a great belt, or a well-made leather bag that you can use to carry your essentials.

Accessories will make it look like you went the extra mile, which will stand out in the minds of clients and colleagues.

As a man, dressing for work doesn’t have to be boring, and you don’t have to look like a corporate drone. You can balance professionalism with distinctive style to ensure you always make a positive impression.

How To Dress Professionally Without Looking Boring

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