How Merino Wool Pairs Style, Comfort And Practicality

Travelers, backpackers, and explorers are just as interested in comfortable, stylish and practical clothing as everyone else, and merino wool encompasses all of that and more. This beloved wool has quickly caught the eye of travelers thanks to the use of warm, breathable material that doesn’t need to be washed as often as regular clothing, and the variety of clothing items adventurers can neatly tuck away into their backpacks.

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Merino Wool – The Hard Facts

Merino wool really does seem heaven-sent, but, while it’s tempting to think it just dropped down from the heavens, it didn’t, and in order to learn why merino wool clothing is so popular you have to first look at where it comes from. Merino sheep are amazing animals, as they produce some of the most versatile fleece in nature; their wool is able to withstand freezing winter temperatures as well as the scorching heat of summer.

The main layer of their wool grows a thicker layer once winter rolls along, protecting them from the frigid air and snow, and this is exactly what makes merino wool so great for traveling. Adventurers can explore all of the sunny countries between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn wearing the same clothing they’d wear exploring the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

[pullquote]The fact that Merino wool doesn’t need to be laundered as often as your typical garments is enough to get backpackers feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.[/pullquote] The natural material actually breathes, which means it doesn’t get all smelly after a demanding day of exploring.

Perspiration is no match for this material as it dries quickly and doesn’t require a tumble through the dryer or a press with the iron. You can go weeks without having to wash this material, and it doesn’t wrinkle like other clothing. You can dig a shirt from the depths of your backpack and not worry whether or not you’ll make a good impression at dinner.

Merino wool turns out simple yet stylish clothing that even works as a good everyday outfit. Bloggers and journalists alike are talking about the impact this has on travelers, and with good reason – people are kicking themselves that they didn’t think of it before.

After all, the wool’s been around as long as the sheep have! And merino wool clothing can now be taken to a level higher than the typical sweaters and scarfs, as it churns out underwear, T-shirts, and socks that have made an impression on explorers and homebodies alike. You can now save space and eliminate the in your backpack as all you need is one pair of each item to do the job.

No need to wait any longer for some super stylish and affordable traveling gear that is just as great for hiking as it is great as a good everyday outfit. If you haven’t heard of this stuff yet, don’t kick yourself – stuff some merino wool in your backpack and take to the skies knowing you’re going to be comfy and classy the whole way through. All’s well that ends wool.

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