Modern Tie – The World’s First Magnetic Necktie

Have you ever found yourself struggling to tie your tie before a day at the office or an important event? One of the most frequently searched phrases on Google is “how to tie a tie.” Seeing this, two brothers from Utah decided to create an alternative to the traditional necktie, the Modern Tie. Regular neckties can be restrictive and are difficult to tie at the correct length. The Modern Tie eliminates these common problems by utilizing our patented technology to create a tie without the tying.

How Does It Work?

The Modern Tie features a high-quality fabric portion that easily attaches to and detaches from a pre-fabricated neodymium magnetic knot. Each magnet has a hold strength of over 12 lbs of pressure! This guarantees your tie is going to stay in and looking good no matter what adventure you’re up to! Both the magnetic knots and attachable ties come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and prints. This allows for endless combinations!

The Modern Tie also comes in multiple lengths to ensure the perfect fit. They recommend measuring from the top button of your best fitting dress shirt down to the belt line. Once you find that measurement, you can pick the right size for you. This means your tie will be the perfect length every time.

Why The Modern Tie?

The legacy and nostalgia of the traditional necktie is unmatched, and the Modern Tie is not intended to be a replacement for learning how to tie a tie.

Instead, The Modern Tie is meant to be an alternative option that provides a unique and stylish look while also adding ease and comfort. Not quite ready to make the leap into the future of ties? Don’t worry, they offer a wide variety of traditional neckties too.

Modern Tie’s Mission

Modern Tie works passionately to fight the opioid crisis by creating the Knot Another Life initiative. As two recovering addicts with over a decade clean, Ryan and Dan Smith, the founders of Modern Tie, have made it their mission to educate youth on the dangers of prescription addiction. A portion of all of Modern Tie’s sales goes towards furthering this initiative.

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