DIY Enthusiasts: The Magnetic Tool That Eliminates Smashed Fingers

DIY projects can be fun, and many of us Do-It-Yourselfers like to take on tasks like recycling old wooden boxes into brand new bird houses or refurbishing an old porch swing. As ambitious as we might be, if you have two left thumbs like me, often our DIY handiwork leaves us with bruised thumbs and a lot of ouches in the process. We persevere due to our determination to see our ventures completed, and we cross our fingers that we will prevail without a Band-Aid or first-aid kit in sight. If this sounds like you, this magnetic tool might be just what you need.

All too often we are defeated by the evil hammer tool (our DIY nemesis), and with no defense, we have to carry on, completing our project with bruises and all. The hammer tool kryptonite has been unleashed, and now you can have the upper hand by saving your hands when doing your own handiwork around the house or when your creative flare inspires you to pick up your toolbox and begin a new adventure.

This Thumbsaver Magnetic Tool enables you to take back your fingers and thumbs by holding the nail in place magnetically while you position it to hammer. Whether you have a picture to hang, a lose nail in the floorboard or you are wanting to build something from scratch, chances are you will need to use a hammer. Instead of allowing the hammer to reign over your projects, take control back by saving yourself from the aches and pains you might endure.

This magnetic tool is ideal for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, home owners, and like I said, people with two left thumbs like me. Now you can conquer your quest of building, fixing or creating, and reprise your role as the handy-person in your home. Clearly this tool is good for anything you need to work with (that is magnetic) which requires you to keep a steady hand. You can use this magnetic tool with nails, screws, staples or even metal plates. Say farewell to banged up hands and hello to painless pleasure. The Thumbsaver Magnetic Tool is the one tool to rule them all.

The Magnetic Tool That Will Save Your Fingers & Thumbs

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