The Most Popular Window Styles To Get For Your House In Victoria

Are you shopping for new replacement windows for your house in Victoria? Not sure what window style to pick to get the most out of your investments? Worry not. We have you covered. Our team has analyzed the current market trends and even reached out to Ecoline, Victoria windows and doors installation specialists, to craft this post for you and elaborate on everything in detail. Interested? Keep reading!

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Why Is It Necessary To Pick The Right Window Style?

Well, to put it straight, choosing the ideal window style for your house is absolutely crucial, and in most cases, this would be your first step in the window replacement journey. But why is it that important? Experts claim that the right units not only complement your house exterior perfectly but also bring in the following benefits:

  • New, correctly chosen, and installed windows guarantee the maximum energy-efficiency
  • Increase in house value
  • Boost the curb appeal
  • Health improvement
  • Reduction of noise from the outside
  • Guarantee of perfect unobstructed views outdoors
  • Increase overall comfort and security

Of course, not every window offers these perks, and usually, Victoria homeowners choose new units relying on their personal preferences and the problems they want to solve with replacement windows. That is why it is crucial to know which window style will work best for you and your house.

Casement Windows

These are the most traditional windows you will come across at almost any Victoria House. The units operate in a way doors do and are hinged on the sides. The best part about casement windows is the highest energy efficiency rating, according to Energy Star. They are the best when it comes to reducing your energy bills and enhancing your overall house thermal performance. Other benefits include:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Ease of operation
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Variety of shapes and designs

Sliding Windows

Want to get a modern touch for your house? Then sliding windows (a.k.a sliders or gliders) would be your best bet. These units run along the track and bring in a huge glass area for amazing unobstructed views outside. Moreover, they can be placed strategically, allowing them to fit almost any rough opening. Other benefits include:

  • Lack of considerable efforts to put into opening or closing the windows
  • Horizontally-oriented design
  • Clear views outside
  • Terrific look

The maintenance, though, might be an issue for some homeowners since you are to clean the debris regularly to ensure the correct unit operation.

Picture Windows

You want to install a big window in your living room to enjoy the incredible views outside? No problem, picture windows bring just that. These are non-operable units with maximum energy efficiency. For some Victoria homeowners, the ventilation issue might be crucial; that is why picture units can also be combined with other window styles, transforming into a new window style called Bay. This is by far the most optimal combo with a picture window in the centre for max energy efficiency and sliding or casements by the sides for optimal ventilation. The price, though, increases, so make sure you are ready to spend some extra to get this awesome combo.

Hung Windows

Another traditional window style is single or double-hung units. They are super similar to sliders but are vertically oriented. Usually installed in the bathrooms and bedrooms, these windows ensure:

  • Increased ventilation
  • Great look
  • Easy maintenance
  • Optimal energy-efficiency

Popular Window Styles In Victoria – Prices Breakdown

Even though there are many great window types available, each comes with its unique peculiarities; thus, the price varies. Be ready to pay for quality products since the golden rule in this industry says you get what you pay for. We recommend, though, to analyze your budget first and do not fall victim to marketing tricks. The most expensive might not be the best for your project; the same is true for the cheapest units. The table below provides some insights regarding the approximate prices for window units discussed above, taking into account the area within your house.

Location Casement Sliding Hung Picture
Basement $535 – $1,022 $394 – $1057 n\a $315 – $1518
Bathroom $446 – $1,032 $394 – $1033 $95 – $1500 $388 – $1242
Bedroom $444 – $1193 $437 – $1521 $587 – $2115 $226 – $2324
Bonus room $676 – $1134 $820 – $1248 $634 – $1374 $420 – $2305
Dining room $550 – $1348 $669 – $1957 $529 – $1466 $316 – $2072
Family room $605 – $1999 $490 – $1131 $569 – $1155 $354 – $2661
Foyer $858 – $1999 $465 – $778 $500 – $854 $338 – $1552
Front $583 – $1014 $785 – $968 $510 – $925 $359 – $2933
Garage n\a $391 – $1085 $588 – $732 $334 – $1536
Kitchen $329 – $1356 $394 – $1595 $445 – $1595 $202 – $2179
Living room $484 – $1614 $433 – $2327 $429 – $1614 $226 – $2898
Master bedroom $545 – $1304 $452 – $1810 n\a $335 – $2370
Nook $549 – $1149 $658 – $1142 $473 – $1186 $337 – $2440


The Bottom Line

We hope you are now equipped with all the necessary information to start making up your mind regarding what windows best fit your house. Be sure, however, to not only decide on the right windows, but hire a professional installer who will follow the CSA guidelines and your local building code since the poor installation will lead even the best product to be out of service in a couple of years, and you do now want that, right? Good luck!

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