5 Tips To Save Money When Shopping Online

Almost from the start, the Internet was angled towards shopping. As soon as companies started realizing that people from all around the world were able to go into their website and look around, the idea of online shopping was born. Ever since that day the Internet has created new business opportunities for companies that would have otherwise never survived the harsh real life competitive climate that we see each and every day on shopping streets around the world.

As the Internet grew, new markets found their way onto the Internet and today you can virtually find pretty much any brand online. But of course, where there is a larger concentration of brands and companies offering the same product or service, there is going to be a tougher competition for the customers. This is a good thing for us customers as prices are driven down, and we can now get things a lot cheaper by shopping online than we would have if we went into a store on the corner street.

Saving money when shopping online is not hard, but it can be a bit tricky for shoppers. We are bombarded with recommendations and advertisements to buy quickly so as to save big. New websites claim to offer the best prices for bestselling products, but often carry unwarranted guarantees. Just like taking a walk through a shopping mall, there is always an opportunity to save money while shopping online. Instead of just shopping on the Internet for the sake of it, aim to save with the following shopping methods.

Look For Coupon Codes

If you are on the mailing list of a retailer, you probably receive coupon codes right in your inbox. If you are not in such mailing lists however, you can look for coupon codes from various sites that aggregate coupon and promo codes from various online merchants. You may run into expired duds once in a while, but there is an advantage; if you do not need what you are buying right now, wait for a week or so and check again.

Make it a rule never to buy any product at full price until you exhaust all options. Hunt around for coupon codes to save some money while shopping online. Doing this is significantly going to save you money, and it will also allow you to build your own list of places to find cheap products and services.

Shop Around When Shopping Online

Before you make a final buying decision; ensure you know the average value of the product. Use various comparison shopping search engines such as Amazon, Google Shopping, Pronto and Shopzilla to search products based on their price. There are great chances you are going to get the same product at different prices at various online stores.

Just like in the “bricks and mortar” world, various websites usually charge different prices for similar products. The important money saving tip here is therefore to shop around until you find the best price. [pullquote]Lazy online shoppers usually don’t save much after shipping has been applied.[/pullquote] You do well in taking the time and energy to do some research and really compare prices. Don’t forget to check the terms of the purchase and the online store you are thinking of buying something from, as some have hidden fees that will end up saving you close to nothing.

Follow Your Favorite Stores

Many retailers love connecting with their customers via social media. They always post new coupons, promotions and giveaways to keep customers interested and engaged. To find the most current deals on the internet without too much hustle, just follow your online store on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. This way, you will get deals right in your newsfeed. In many ways, this is why we are shopping online in the first place.

Also, when you follow a bunch of your favorite online retailers you will be able to compare prices almost in real time. Not only that, but by following retailers you will be able to save big on short term deals such as daily offers and competitions. It is never a bad idea to follow a brand or a retailer if you like their products and services.

Use The Right Card While Shopping Online

Both credit cards and an increasing array of debit cards now provide merchant-funded reward schemes. Check if your card has an online merchant mall. A good example is Shop Discover program from Discover. In order to earn a discount, visit the merchant site through the online portal of your credit or debit card. Some reward programs give a statement credit instead of money back when you check out, still; money is money. Just make sure that you select your card well, and you know all the costs involved with a given card before signing.

Hit Up Rebate Sites

Did you know that you could save money if you visited the merchant site through a rebate website? Rebates are great sites that will give you 2 to 20% cash back on all purchases made at various online retailers. Search for and hit up rebate sites and save on your next purchase, it is a way to save you additional money that you can spend buying something else.

Once you start utilizing these rebate sites it is almost like making money by shopping. Sure, we know that is not true, but you are still saving big when shopping online and that money can be used for something else.


We all know that online retailers charge less compared to physical businesses, and it is therefore possible to save money while shopping online. However, if you know what you are doing it is possible to save even more than the average online shopper. You can literally save thousands of dollars each year if you just take a minute and do your research.

Why pay more when you can get it for less? Some people are under the impression that shopping online is not much cheaper than shopping in an ordinary store, but that could not be farther from the truth. If you are lucky, you can save as much as 50 to 60% on a purchase. This is something that is almost unheard of if you were to buy these products or services in a store. Shopping online requires skills and this article is written to help you acquire those skills.

Let us know where you have saved the most and why you continue to go back to that website. Share your secret locations so that more customers can keep driving prices down for people that are shopping online.

5 Tips Shopping Online

5 Tips Shopping Online

5 Tips Shopping Online