Nike Toy Story Dunks Anyone? – Bring Out The Toon In You

When movies hit it big, it’s usually time to make some money on merchandise as well. Literally everything is created and sold including apparel, books, music CDs, toys, yeah you name it. It’s all done to squeeze that “little” extra money (usually it’s where the money is) out of the movie’s following. McDonalds is a very good example of how companies squeeze that last little cent out of us if we just get a hamburger.

Designer Aritz Bermudez has once again created a pair of unique Nike Dunks that will probably become something of a bad memory once they go out of style, like those pictures you took while trying your best to be stylish back in the ’80s. I mean, if you actually think about getting a pair of Toy Story Nike Dunks then you’re either a child (which is probably the focus group here) or equally clueless about grown up style.

However, I must say that the concept in itself is pretty clever. If Aritz gets the movie company’s attention, I am sure that some money can be squeezed out of them instead of the other way around for a change. That is what I call a pretty ingenious little scheme right there. The shoes get a low grade from me… however the best rating for the idea and the implementation. It’s nicely done and rendered. The idea is brilliant.