Zebra and Tiger Nike Dunks – Take Me to the Jungle

Sneakers are one of the most versatile kinds of footwear we can think of. With the right flavor and style, you can use them for pretty much any occasion. There are brands that are more expensive than others, and there are brands that are pretty much free if you think about it. We usually want a pair that puts a smile not only on our own face, but on the faces of the people that see them as well. Whether it is because they are cool, nice looking or just plain odd doesn’t really matter. We want them because we like them, that’s the bottom line.

Designer Aritz Bermudez decided that adding some flavor to a pair of Nike Dunks would be a pretty nifty and cool idea. I agree to some extent. They look very… uh… unordinary and special, but since I have never been a big fan of either the Zebra or the Tiger pattern, I would probably not buy or wear them. I am sure some people would like them just because they are just that… unordinary.

And what would you wear with them? I can only think of a few things, and none of them are quite what I would pull on in the morning to go to work in. Well, maybe my style isn’t as lavish and cool as the people that would wear these, but one thing is for certain, they are quite colorful and fun. Even special…