No Time To Cook? Think Again.

Cooking is very relaxing for me. There is nothing better to do on a Friday evening than have a glass of wine, play some great music, and cook a nice dinner. I love it so much that last year I published a small cookbook. However, lately, I’ve been busier than usual and have not had as much time to spend in the kitchen.

I’ve noticed that sometimes the time it takes to cook isn’t even about the cooking itself. Instead, what takes the most time is the trip to the supermarket to buy all the ingredients necessary. Here in Atlanta, where the traffic is always crazy, that can easily take an hour.

For those of you that have faced this same dilemma, I think I’ve found a solution for us. There is a recipe search engine that allows you to enter the ingredients that you already have at home and it will deliver results for recipes that contain those ingredients. It is Wow, is this cool or what?

This website is quite involved. It allows you to create an account, save recipes that you find, sort through them easily, and store the ingredients that you have in your “online kitchen”. It will even help you to create your shopping list if you would like. This is an example of how the internet is enhancing our world and changing our everyday lives by making the little things in life so much sweeter.

You can learn more about Supercook by watching this video.