Obama Toast Design: Eat The President For Breakfast

I am thinking of having Obama over for breakfast, but don’t worry, the Secret Service will not be requiring background checks or patting us down for this meeting. I am always looking for a way to add some extra flair in the kitchen so why not get presidential with the bread? This toaster from Burnt Impressions will make you super popular (not really) and your friends will be begging for the next brunch date (probably not, but hey, it couldn’t hurt).

It comes in a variety of colors like Blue Dog Democrat, Green Democrat and more. Why have plain toast when you can immortalize the leader of the United States on your favorite breakfast food?

Maybe you’re more of a Republican? No problem! They have a full selection of 2012 Presidential Toasters. If you’re not in for a political debate each morning, I suggest leaving it all up to Jesus. Not by praying or going to church, but in yet another toasted version of your daily bread. Heck, you could start your own business and sell your masterpieces on eBay. What other profitable business can you start for only $34.95? (results may vary) Like my mother always said, “breakfast is the most IMPORTANT meal of the day.”

President Barack Obama In Toast

God Toast Design On Bread

Image Credit: [Burnt Impressions]