Why Online Training Is Every Professional’s Dream Education Platform

As IT and business professionals we all know that certification is a necessity and the way we work is entirely dependent on our education and knowledge within our field. I would be flat out lying if I said that being self-taught is as decorative and attractive to employers as certifications are. Without being certified within an area you are operating within you have no possible way of proving that you actually have the knowledge to achieve the requirements set by the job you are about to do. However, getting certified has for a long time been an annoyance and most of the time you’ve had to work your schedule around when courses are set to start and end. Well, not anymore thanks to what we here at Bit Rebels call every professional’s dream education platform. This platform is provided by online training pioneers such as Master of Project Academy.

With online training, you will be able to take courses and get your certification online whenever it suits you. There is a very good reason why 50,000 professionals have invested in getting certified over at Master of Project Academy. Well, actually, there are many reasons why you would get your certification online, and we are going to have a look at a few of those in this article.

One good reason to get your certification online, especially over at Master of Project Academy, is that you can get paid for doing so. Through a genius affiliate program, you can actually make money while you take courses by referring courses to other people who are yet to sign up. Should they do so and purchase a course within 365 days you will get a share of that.

[pullquote]The ability to get certified while sitting comfortably at home is a dream come true for most professionals.[/pullquote] Why? Because there is now nothing that will stop you from getting that dream job you’ve always wanted but needed to get certified to have a shot at. In short, online training will help you upgrade your life. It’s as simple as that.

Another great reason for getting your online training online is that it’s way cheaper than regular courses. The online courses will save you, on average, 40% of the regular price on other training websites. The courses sometimes run as low as $9 (USD) per month. How can you beat that?

When you take your courses online you will be able to take the time you need to clear the exams. If we take Master of Project Academy’s PMP (Project Management Profession) certification, for example, people have taken up to six months to clear their exam while there have been people that have done it just 15 days. That’s remarkable, considering we are talking about getting certified for a profession. We can only conclude that online training is the education platform of the future.

Even though Master of Project Academy was only founded back in 2012 they already have around 40 online courses available that you can choose from. Many of them completely free. All you have to do is to sign up for an account and start your course.

You might wonder how they are able to keep their prices so low and that is a perfectly good question. After having done a little bit of research I will try to answer that question as to the best of my abilitiy. The thing is that once an online training course is produced, it is actually a digital product and no matter how many students watch the lectures, its cost will never change. This allows for a huge price advantage compared to other online training live classes and regular certification classroom training courses.

Knowledge is power and with Master of Project Academy, that power is easy to access. I can honestly not think of a faster or more cost-effective way to change your life and profession. Allowing yourself to learn new things is the first step in reaching a higher level of living.

We highly encourage you to check out the courses over at Master of Project Academy. Enrolling will change your life and if you use the code “EX50OFF” when signing up for a new course you will get 50% off on the already low prices. How’s that for incentive and inspiration?

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Why Online Training Is The Education Platform Of The Future

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