Online Entrepreneur Academy Offers First-Ever One-Year Training Program

Ever wondered what it’s like to become an online business owner? There’s a good chance you answered yes, especially if you’re not particularly fond of your day job. It can prove life-changing for anyone to become an online entrepreneur and gain more control over how they spend their time. But do you have what it takes to start a successful online business?

Even with little to no experience, you can turn your dream into reality by enrolling at Online Entrepreneur Academy. They’re the first company to offer a one-year curriculum that covers everything you need to know about building an online business. Here’s our quick interview with Founder and CEO, Alex Dee.

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Millions of people want to turn themselves into online entrepreneurs, but only a small percentage of them manage to succeed. What do you think is the reason for the downfall of so many online business owners?

Alex Dee: After years of running multiple online businesses, I can say with confidence that the number one reason why online business owners fail is their lack of understanding of the timeless principles of business—be it online or offline. Far too many are focused on online marketing techniques such as social media or search engine marketing, which definitely prove useful but only if you have the fundamentals in place.

If you don’t understand how to find or create a niche, set up sales funnels, and understand human psychology, the online marketing strategies in your arsenal will only get you so far. It’s imperative to master the core business principles before moving on to advanced strategies. Online Entrepreneur Academy is designed in a way that guides anyone from complete beginners to advanced business owners toward business success, and it all starts with teaching them timeless business principles.

How do you distinguish your program from the myriad of training courses about online entrepreneurship?

Alex Dee: We take pride in offering the first one-year curriculum about online entrepreneurship, but the length of our program isn’t our distinguishing characteristic. It’s our comprehensive approach to teaching that sets us apart. With a diverse team of experts coming from different industries, Online Entrepreneur Academy is able to cater to the varying needs of our members. We refuse to focus on a single aspect of online entrepreneurship. Instead, we teach them everything they need to know in a step by step manner because each element should work seamlessly with the others in order to build something truly remarkable.

Moreover, we put heavy emphasis on our live virtual classes. Students are free to communicate with one another as well as with the instructors. We strive to create the typical classroom atmosphere, but with a few twists that make our classes more fun and exciting. Our interactive activities and projects are geared toward developing the skills of our students and helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, this enables them to tell what they can do and what they should outsource in the future.

Last, there are several different ways to generate income online. Everything from affiliate marketing, where you market other companies’ products, to E-Commerce, which is physical products, as well as Online Marketing Specialist, which is specializing in social media! We have different success tiers for each of these and build a customize plan based on the member’s interest and strengths. This way, they can feel confident that they’ve picked the best strategy that’s right for them!

It’s going to be a tall order teaching hundreds of students for a full year. What keeps you motivated?

Alex Dee: Many people might say that money is the primary motivating factor, but it isn’t. Having been successful at several online businesses, the next step for me is to build my legacy. I’ve found that many other online entrepreneurs share this same vision, which is why I invited them to join the Online Entrepreneur Academy. They’re passionate about sharing all the things they’ve learned over the years, including costly mistakes they wished they didn’t make early in their careers. Knowing that I can transform the lives of countless people keeps me motivated every single day.

Any last words to aspiring online entrepreneurs?

Alex Dee: You can be more than who you are right now. It’s natural to feel scared especially if you don’t know where to start, but without taking action, you’ll never know if you can make it. We provide all the necessary tools and resources to help you become an online entrepreneur. But regardless of how much we teach you, it’s still on you to reach out for your goals and know you deserve more to take the leap. No matter how crazy this online marketing idea seems to be because you’re not familiar with it, it can be the very thing that allows you to live your best life!

Online Entrepreneur Academy now accepts members for special pricing during their pre-launch until the official launch when the full curriculum will start in April 2019.

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