Optical Illusion Lighting: Have A Merry TRON Christmas!

Christmas isn’t all about the giving, the worship and the season of love, it’s also the one time of year when your electric bill is charged to outer space. You can pretty much sum it up in a few words and they all have to do with lighting. If your neighbor has it, you can be barking mad you’ll buy it. After all, it’s no Christmas if you’re not the brightest house on the street, county, state or even the country. Right? Well, at least some people seem to think Christmas is just about lighting, and it’s to the amusement of everyone else. Some people even get offended and irritated by the houses garnished with a billion lights. And, they come in the form of Santa himself, reindeers, elfs… you name it!

But there is a geek out there somewhere that totally took this task on. He managed to break the mold for what could be the coolest Christmas lighting this year. Sure, it’s simple to create a dazzling Christmas light installation, but how about an optical illusion one? I am sure you are thinking that it ain’t that hard, but I tell you, the scale, the different angles and the patience it takes are a feat in themselves.

By celebrating Christmas in the name of TRON, this guy (YouTube alias brusspup) surely knows how to throw a party. The blueish lights and the formation he’s been able to pull off are truly mesmerizing. The camera navigates through his apartment like it was on a mission and the conclusion of the video truly makes a statement to his ingenuity and the awesome incarnation of the TRON logo itself. Brilliant and stunning!