Perfect Gifts For Coffee Lovers In 2020

When someone is passionate about coffee, they’re really passionate about coffee. If you have a coffee lover in your life that deserves something a little extra as a gift, you might be scratching your head wondering what you can get them. Don’t worry, there are literally a ton of options to choose from when you’re looking for that perfect product to suit such a person.

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Grab Them A Coffee Roaster

No matter how organically grown and great the source of the coffee bean, after being roasted, coffee tends to lose its taste. This is a big “NO NO” for those who love the taste of their java, and a coffee roaster gives them a chance to roast their coffee at home. Choosing a coffee roaster can be daunting, but online reviews can be helpful in making a decision.

Experts from CoffeeDino offer a list of reports on a lot of products. A coffee roaster is going to let the coffee lover you know, customize the degree at which they like their coffee roasted. Sometimes they may want a light roast for a particular bean, and other times they may want a dark roast. This kind of customization is what coffee lovers look for.

Give Them A Treat With An Automatic Espresso Maker

Espresso is an art and doesn’t let anyone tell you any different. If you’re really looking to treat someone with a great coffee-based gift, getting them an automatic espresso maker will pull on their heartstrings. Not to mention it’ll save them a ton of trips to Starbucks, and they’ll likely serve you a drink with their new machine. Espresso makers are awesome and let you create foamy delicious goodness. This gift is especially good for people who are always on the go and need that boost of energy consistently.

Go With A Classic French Press

It might seem a little simple for a gift you’d want to get someone who absolutely adores their coffee, but a good french press works wonders. Traditional coffee filters can take in the natural oils that are in the coffee beans, and this can decrease flavor.

They also operate similar to how making tea works, they allow the coffee grounds to steep and absorb into the water. When coffee is filtered through the paper, it doesn’t get a chance to impart all of its flavors into the pot, and a french press is a great way to get the pure flavor of a cup of coffee.

Use Technology As A Gift With An Ember Mug

Ember mugs are introducing technology into the coffee world (who would have thought?). They’re chargeable mugs that keep the coffee set to a particular temperature as long as they still have battery life.

They’re relatively inexpensive for what they do (around 80$), and they’re a great gift. No more need to worry about your cup of coffee getting cold, with an Ember mug they’ll stay nice and toasty. What’s even cooler about this gift is that the temperature is totally modifiable through a phone app.

Give Them A Wild Gift With Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee offers some of the most caffeinated grounds on the planet (if not the most caffeinated grounds). Each cup will offer around 600 mg of caffeine so this is only suggested for those people who have proficient experience with their coffee. This will work for moms, students, and anyone who has a daily schedule that is intense and requires an immense amount of energy and concentration. Not for the timid, be careful who you set this coffee up with.

Coffee-Based Subscriptions

You could think of investing in a coffee-based subscription as an offering to your friend/spouse, and no I’m not talking about a magazine or newsletter. There are online services that allow you to sign up someone for a monthly delivery of different coffees from all around the world. Many of these services allow you to customize what kind of coffee you will receive as well. It might take a bit of homework to figure out what they like, but with a little research, you’ll have a gift that will get them pumped regularly.

There are literally so many coffee-related gifts you can get for a coffee lover, you’re going to have trouble finding that perfect gift to get them. Luckily for you, coffee lovers aren’t going to be super-picky and they’ll love whatever they get that’s coffee-related. From sleek and modern espresso machines to something simple like a french press, anything you choose will be a perfect gift this 2020.

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