Poisonous Dishes In World Cuisine

Food can keep you healthy, and it might also kill you. When selecting your food, be as cautious as you are when choosing 50 free spinówDid you know that some foods are poisonous? Like most people, you think that only some poisonous mushrooms could harm you. The truth is that many more toxic foods exist in the world. And you are wrong if you think that these are all exotic foods. Some of you have poisonous foods in your kitchens. To ensure you save lives, we have created a list of the world’s most poisonous foods. Check it below.

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1. Sannakji

Sannakji is an octopus that some of you may not know. It is not toxic food to eat but still causes an average of six deaths every year. But how does it kill? Sannakji can harm you by choking. They serve it raw and dead, but its nerve activity is still active. So, it wiggles as you swallow it and can make you prone to choking.

2. Shellfish

Most people love eating shellfish. Unknown to them is that this sea creature absorbs harmful pathogens from the ocean. When cooking shellfish, use a thermometer to ensure the correct internal temperature and avoid serving it raw. It can also cause lethal food allergies.

3. Fugu

Another name for fugu is butterfish. It is a very toxic fish. In some western jurisdictions, the governments have prohibited the consumption of fugu. Cooking it fully and correctly is the only way to avoid contamination and death.

4. Sardinian Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu is not your typical diet but a traditional Sardinian dish. It is a type of cheese with live maggots for speeding up the fermentation process. Casu Marzu seems like the most disgusting food you can ever taste. Not only that. It is also the most toxic and non-hygienic cheese in the world.

5. Alfalfa Sprouts

Sprouts are unsafe to eat. They are not safe for people with compromised immune systems, including pregnant women, seniors, and kids. The worst of all sprouts is raw alfalfa sprouts because they absorb bacteria when growing. These are salmonella and E. Coli bacteria. Do not eat them if you dislike food poisoning.

6. Green Potatoes

These contain solanine, a deadly poison that can trigger an illness in humans. Green potatoes are the unripened ones. Eat non-blemished potatoes instead of green ones to avoid poisoning.

7. Ackee Fruit

You have not seen or heard of it. But an unripe ackee fruit is dangerous to eat. The Jamaican fruit causes severe vomiting when consumed in enormous amounts. An unripe ackee fruit has a yellow color and contains elevated levels of hypoglycin A. Besides causing severe vomiting, its poisoning can trigger death. It has black seeds that have poison as well.

8. Raw Almonds

Green almonds have excessive amounts of cyanide. If you eat them raw, you can suffer from cyanide poisoning. However, only eating a lot of raw almonds can cause poisoning. If you want to eat safe almonds, buy the heat-treated ones from the grocery store.


The above options are not the only poisonous foods on earth. Unpasteurized cheese and raw kidney beans are equally dangerous. To avoid being at risk, avoid buying and eating these foods completely. Some of them have led to death and others to serious illnesses. Do not become a victim by eating them.

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