Being Practical – Safety Precautions When Traveling Alone

Traveling alone can be a great way to reflect and enjoy yourself. At least more people now believe that traveling solo is acceptable, thanks to changing demographics and preferences. Safety is a significant concern, though, for solo travelers.

However, you can make your solo travel secure with several practical tips.

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Conduct Research For Your Destination

Most parts of the world are safe for tourists. However, black spots infested by criminal activities also exist. In some parts of the world, tourists are easy targets for petty thieves looking to snatch wearables and other prized possessions. When making a decision where to go, heed online reviews and advice about safety and security.

If you have to travel to places with a questionable security history, you may be in a better position if you were to take other safety procedures. Heed advice about the best time to travel, places to avoid, and such safety tips. If necessary, you could carry a security gadget such as a stun gun for self defense or any other item you feel can help. Stun guns can stave off rapists and petty thieves.

Don’t Make Yourself An Easy Target

Well, it might be hard to do that because you might be traveling in a world where everyone else is from a different race. In such a case, you will definitely stand out. However, even when you are visible to everyone, you can make yourself less of a target. That family medallion on your neck can make you an easy target. A flashy watch will also make you stand out.

Gel with the people around you in terms of dressing and presentation. You are probably a stiletto queen in Manhattan, but that will give you unnecessary attention somewhere in a crowded street. Packing light and trying to make yourself part of the community works best.

Keep Your Money Safe

Is a wallet safe? No, it is not. If you are thinking that I am paranoid, think of the case where you put all your travel IDs in the wallet only to drop it out there hiking. If it is money, put it in multiple locations. Don’t carry bags of cash with you. Keep your travel documents and other identifying documents safe, preferably in a secure hotel room.

It is safer to carry more than one credit or debit card. Some cards may not work in your destination, which can leave you cash-strapped. Also, keeping some money hidden away can be wise. Looking like a tourist might attract tourist prices and charges. So, keep a local feel and approach to things.

Take Precautions On Simple Things

Check your dining options. Dining in a dingy downtown might make you feel connected to the people, but it can also be a risk. Take simple precautions about water cleanliness, the safety of food, sunburns, colds, tropical diseases and pests, and such things. Also, take precautions to prevent yourself from snake bites, insect bites, and such things. Drink enough water to prevent dehydration, eat healthy meals, and do not overdo things. Stick to the acceptable limits.

Keep Communication Open And Notify Family

Traveling alone will expose you to many people and things. You want your family to know exactly where you are going. You also want to be accessible so that they don’t panic. If they call you and they can’t reach you, they might panic. So, ensure you have a phone that can access the lowest cell phone network bandwidth. If you are hiking in remote areas, let them know that you might lose connectivity. It is best to post your experiences later, after returning from your trip if you left your house unattended.

Indulge Modestly

For those solo travelers who are into experimentation, modesty is paramount. Drinking yourself silly makes you an easy target for all manner of abuse and theft. Some drinks in the world will easily knock you out even if you are a seasoned alcoholic. If you must experiment, do some research about it. If you are also into relationships on the road, take care not to fall for psychopaths.

Stay In Public Places

It is relatively secure in public places. If you avoid those deserted neighborhoods, you will stay safe. If you want to have a feel of downtown, you can use public transport instead of taxis.

Solo travel should be safe if you have mastered the art of blending with other communities. At least understanding your location and the security situation will make your travel enjoyable. Staying within limits and exercising simple caution and intuition can also go a long way in making your trip largely safe.

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