Pucker Up – Plump & Juicy Lip Photography

Lips, lips, lips… what is it about them? We are all so fascinated with lips. Is it true that the bigger the better? My sister gave me some bionic lip plumper, and when I put it on my lips they puff up like the marshmallow man. To me, the most attractive lips are those that come to life when someone smiles.

We’ve even had our share of lips on Bit Rebels. Richard wrote an article about how to create luscious lips in Photoshop, and Misty wrote one about how to make your lips kissable. I figure it’s now my turn to add an article featuring lips.

My contribution to the lips theme is these fabulous photographs by Kutlu Photography. I can’t get enough of these lips. Apparently these shots were taken for an advertising campaign, but I don’t know which one. They look like they would work well for a Beverly Hills dentist. I keep staring at them. I love the glossy look also. Is there such a thing as lip inspiration? If so, this is it for me!

“Smile – It’s the second best thing you can do with your lips.” ~ Anonymous

[via markangelil]