Spike Your Holiday With Vodka Infused Marshmallow Peeps

It’s Easter weekend, and if you have kids in your life, you will probably be surrounded with chocolate bunnies, colored eggs and jellybeans for the next few days. Did you know that 76% of people eat the ears off chocolate bunnies first? How do you eat your bunnies? If you prefer your Easter candy to have more of an adult-theme to it, you might like to try these vodka infused marshmallow peeps.

Marshmallow peeps barely seem edible to me as it is, so soaking them in vodka seems like a logical way to make them more enjoyable. As it turns out, you can make almost anything ‘vodka infused’ by just soaking it in vodka for a while. For example, you can make Vodka Infused Bubblegum and Vodka Infused Gummy Bears using the same method. So in other words, once you learn this method, you’ll be dangerously useful at any dinner party.

These adult-style marshmallow peeps were created by Nicole at Baking Bites. You just basically drown your peeps in vodka for a few days in the fridge and voila. She says you’ll get a ‘hint of sugar up front, followed by the flavor of whatever vodka you chose to use.’

She also points out that if you do this in a glass container, it makes for a really colorful centerpiece for the table. Since vodka is clear, it will take the color of whatever peeps you use. Nicole suggests that you don’t mix colors of peeps in the same container though since you’ll end up with an ugly color.

Once your peeps are done marinating, you can either drink the vodka as is, or you can take the peeps out and have those separately. I hope you’ll click over to her blog to read her article firsthand. She will be posting more vodka infused marshmallow peep cocktail recipes soon too!

Vodka Infused Marshmallow Peeps





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