Pudding Pictures: The Geeky Portraits You Can Find In Your Pudding

Do you eat those little pudding snacks you can get at the supermarket? If you do, you might want to take a closer look at the lid next time you rip it off. You might see a geeky portrait on the inside of the lid in your pudding. Seeing pudding pictures is common for Zach Bonnan. According to his website, “Some people see visions in the clouds. Some see Jesus in their toast. I see weird things on the tops of my Jell-O Pudding Snacks.”

He admits it’s strange to see visions on his pudding lids, and he invites anyone else who is as strange as him to submit their own pudding portraits for him to post on his site, which is appropriately called The Pictures In The Pudding.

He apparently eats pudding for lunch or his midday snack a lot, and he includes the day on each one of the photos on his site. The thing is, some of these actually do look like the real portraits. But just when you think there might really be a conspiracy to put pudding pictures on the lids, you see some that look nothing like the real portrait. That is when you realize it’s just all in someone’s imagination. It’s definitely a creative adventure.

The Game of Thrones one looks exactly like the real Game of Thrones emblem. That one is wickedly similar, and I think most people would agree. I suppose I could see the Chewbacca in there too. Olive Oyl looks manipulated with a knife or something. I’m sure looking for pudding pictures makes Zach’s lunchtime more fun. This would be a great creativity exercise for kids. The next time I eat one of these, I’m definitely going to open the lid slowly and look for a surprise on the lid.