Quick Tutorial | How to be Emo

Obviously you didn’t want to become a nerd and instead you wanted to become “Emo”. As a followup article on my “How to be a Nerd” I now present to you the easy and quick tutorial on how to be Emo. What? You don’t know what Emo is? Well, that’s why this tutorial exists I guess. In short it’s nowadays a lifestyle adopted by young kids and teenagers to sort of represent themselves. Emo stands for “Emotions” and it’s what it’s all about. Oh, and then also the fact that they all look like vampires may be another clue that they are Emo kids.

No not with the teeth and all. Just the long hair, preferably in front of one eye. They also sport the look of dead people. With dead people I mean the pale skin and sad faces. They tend to want to look as pale as they possibly can. These are the sure signs that they are in fact Emo.

If you’re above 30 then I don’t think that the Emo look is for you. It tends to attract people that are between the ages 10 and 18. So, sporting the Emo look going to work might not be the best of ideas if your boss is not to harass you and tell you to go see a doctor in order to get some pills to make you feel better.

But, the choice is your so if you want to be Emo, well then just follow these few steps and you will be Emo before you know it. Maybe you have an upcoming divorce and then this look might be spot on. After all, you are most likely to be emotional when that happens. Good luck and enjoy!