Head To Some Of The Quietest Beaches In Kerala

Tired of the regular tourist-filled beaches and the accompanying commercialization? Take time off and drive your own or a rental car to any of the secluded, silent and clean beaches in Kerala – God’s own country.

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Chowara Beach

Chowara beach, situated 212 km from Kochi and just 14km from Trivandrum is best explored with a car on rent in Trivandrum from a platform like Savaari.com. With a 98-city presence, transparent billing, taxi services and car rentals offering you a choice of cars the Chowara beach near Kovalam is for you to enjoy.

Take a walking tour or drive into the Chowara village close by where you can interact with the busy fishermen and get a taste of the unpretentious, typical Kerala food. The AyappaTemple atop a hill and the Analothbhava Matha Church merit a visit.

Padanna Beach

The Padanna backwaters with its own unspoiled Padanna beach can compete easily with Venice and Aleppey. Nature and man-made canals provide a coconut tree-lined canal network for the nearby Oyster Opera where tradition blends with science to farm oysters and pearls. The food is simple, traditional and a reflection of Kerala with a lot of fish and vegetables included in it.

The beach itself has very few tourists and a beautiful sight both at sunrise and sunset when the local fishermen get busy. The Padanna Beach is approximately 367 km from Kochi, and 520 km from Trivandrum. To truly enjoy the mesmerizing views and still enjoy your freedom to potter around such hidden gems of Kerala opt for a car on rent in Kochi and drive yourself at your own pace. Savaari charges you on a pay-for-your-use basis and a choice of cars including luxury cars with chauffeurs.

Vallikunnu Beach

Hidden from the public eye of tourists is the Vallikunnu beach about 158 km from Kochi and 353 km from Trivandrum. Long stretches of unspoiled, pristine beaches away from crowds, just lie on the beach and get tanned or indulge in surfing. Ideal for those who wish to spend some quiet moments alone or in the company of a loved one this beautiful beach is one of the cleanest and un-crowded beaches in Kerala and in India too!

There is much to explore as you walk barefoot on the beach sand with the coconut trees and a few fishermen for company. All those enjoyable moments are yours if you stay at the Beach Resort in the middle of the coconut grove on the beach. Drive down and admire the birds and spot the exotic and migratory ones at the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary close by.

Ezhimala Beach

The seven peaks of the majestic Ezhimala Hills stand honored as the sea waters pay homage at their feet. Nature has preserved the hidden beach which has a cave and burial chamber located just off the beach. The stone pillars with etched figures stand testimony to the fact that this beach was appreciated even in ancient times.

Soft sands, beautiful photographs, waves rising and falling with the tide, the green-hued hills in the backdrop, and the coconut trees dancing in the wind are awe-inspiring and calming at the same time. Spot some dolphins as they leap out for your attention at the alluring Ettikulam Bay. This hidden gem of a beach is approximately 330 km from Kochi and 510 km from Trivandrum if you drive yourself by car and just enjoy the scenery on the way.

Kizhunna and Ezhara beaches 12 km from Kannur and 277 km from Kochi have a rocky shoreline, frothing sea foam, fishing boats and trawlers going about their business, swaying coconut trees and the clean tempting beach laid out for a few solitary moments with your loved one.

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