Rain Soaked Umbrellas Are No Longer A Problem!

It is now rainy season where I live. From June to September it rains almost everyday. The best defense for rainy weather is, of course, our trusty umbrellas. The only thing that is a hassle is when you need to store them after you get inside. If we do not have a holder available, we tend to leave the umbrella open. When there are so many umbrellas open, space can be a problem. There are also occasions when even if you use an umbrella holder, the place or area where you store them still gets soaked. Bummer, right? In addition to ruining the floor, it can also cause an accident.

Thanks to Cun-Min Zheng, Yan-Zhen Li & Xin-Yu Wang, who designed the Lawn for Rain umbrella holster, this won’t be a problem anymore. The Lawn For Rain is a really neat dish that has a dash of green springs at the bottom of the tray and huge sponge fingers. The idea is to mesh your wet umbrellas between the sponge fingers so that the sponges soak in the water and dry it. The tiny plants at the bottom are kept hydrated via the excess drained water. There is no mess, and the best part of it is, the design is amazing!

Main Image Source – You can stand under my Umbrella

Lawn For Rain designed by Cun-Min Zheng, Yan-Zhen Li & Xin-Yu Wang (Yangko designs)