Reality Check – How A Serious Injury Affects Your Life

Accidents can happen in many ways. Whether you’re in the car, at work, or in the grocery store, you could be a victim of an unfortunate accident. That accident can cause serious injury. Unfortunately, the injury can have a significant impact on your life. Learn how your injury could change everything.

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1. Inability To Care For Yourself

If you are paralyzed or suffer from a traumatic brain injury, you could lose the ability to care for yourself. Things you once took for granted could become impossible. For instance, wiping yourself, showering, and getting dressed could require assistance.

The inability to care for yourself has two consequences. First, there’s the financial impact. A live-in aide is extremely expensive. You might not be able to afford the care you need. Secondly, there’s the emotional impact. Your dependence on others could cause depression, anger, and anxiety.

2. Difficulties At Work

A serious injury could impact you at work. In some cases, your damage could keep you from performing your job. But even if you can perform your job, your doctor appointments could force you to miss days of work. This could impact your performance and your ability to succeed.

In some cases, you may never recover from your injuries. This could prevent you from ever working. Regardless of the treatment you receive, you might be unable to return to your previous career. In addition to making you unhappy, this can also hurt your bank account. You could be stuck in a career with low earning potential.

3. Damaged Relationships

Sometimes, an injury can bring people together. However, it more frequently tears relationships apart. The stress and struggles that come with a severe injury can put a strain on your relationship. You and your spouse could get a divorce. Or, because of your mental anguish, you could become a recluse and ignore your friends.

Over time, your injury can continue you damage your relationships. If you’re paralyzed, you might not be able to interact with your children the way you want to. This can hurt you and your relationships.

4. Inability To Care For Your Family

Your loved ones are also affected by your injury. If you were the primary caregiver for your children, you might be unable to continue the role. Similarly, if you were the primary breadwinner for the family, you could be unable to bring home enough money to support them.

Because of your injury, your family could go through a significant change. Your spouse might need to look for employment, or you may need to hire someone to care for your children. In some cases, you may need to hire someone to take care of the chores in your home.

5. Decreased Enjoyment In Life

Your injury could keep you from doing things you once loved. For instance, you might have enjoyed cycling in your spare time. But after the injury, cycling could be painful. The inability to participate in your favorite hobbies could make you enjoy life a little less.

Seeking Help

In Fresno, 1041, individuals were injured or killed in car accidents in 2016. Others were injured or killed at work or on-premises. If you were an accident victim, you may be able to receive compensation for your injury and the effects that come from the injury. The Grossman Law Office can help.

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