Rekey A Lock – What Is It And How Do You Do It?

Locks can be repaired in many ways, and one of the most common solutions for locks that cannot be fixed is to replace the locks with a new set. But, do you know how to rekey a lock? Did you know that there’s a way where you don’t need to replace your locks called rekeying?

Rekeying allows you to use new keys with your old locks by changing the old pins only. We spoke to a Speedy Locksmith, a company from Denver, Colorado, and now we have answers to all of the most common questions on this topic. Keep on reading to learn more.

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Who To Call For Rekeying?

Rekeying locks is not that easy, and I guarantee that it’s a difficult job. That’s why we have professional locksmiths who have mastered things regarding locks and keys. For lock repair, replacement, installation, and of course rekeying, they are the right people to contact. To be called a professional locksmith, it is required to do pieces of training that would take months or even years.

Steps On How To Rekey A Lock

Inspect Your Locks. Check all the locks at your home or establishment to see which locks needs to be rekeyed. These are mostly the lock that is old and having difficulty every time you open and are hard to lock.

Count the number of locks that need to be rekeyed. List how many locks must be rekeyed, for you also have to consider the budget. The more locks to be rekeyed, the higher the budget you need, so you have to check for prices and see what you can afford.

Call for the nearest Locksmith Shop in your Area. Call the locksmith shop you have in mind and set a schedule with them on what they would be available to do the rekeying.

Replace All the Lock Pins. Once the schedule is set, be available on that day. Then the people you hired can now start the rekeying all your locks. The first step is to remove and disassemble the door, then remove the old pins and replace them with new pins before assembling the lock.

Test if it is Working. If done, test if the new pins are working well. Keep in mind to always monitor and take good care of your locks. Also, don’t ignore minor damages because it might become big and difficult to repair once ignored.

Reasons To Rekey Your Locks

Inexpensive. Rekeying will not cost you that much for you only need to change the old pins with the new one. Instead of buying a whole new set of locks, you’ll just purchase the pin that perfectly matches the lock.

Upgrade Security. It’s a way to upgrade security. With the new pins, you’re the only one who has a copy to open the lock with new pins.

Misplaced Keys. Misplacing your keys doesn’t mean that you have to change your whole lock. Through rekeying, there’s no need to replace the entire lock. You can have new keys by just replacing the pins of your lock.

After Break-In Incident. If your house was targeted for break-in, immediately get your locks rekeyed, for they might still have a copy of your keys. Don’t let them intrude again, and rekeying your locks is the best solution you should do.

Fast. It’s a quick way for you to have new keys. Compared to replacing your locks with a new set, the process is quicker and easier to execute. The materials needed are not hard to find.

Moving Soon. Part of the preparation when you move to your new house is to fix your locks through rekeying. Make sure that your locks are new when you move in to avoid any unnecessary incidents to happen.

Rekey Or Replace Locks

Would you instead rekey or replace your locks? For those who are not familiar with what rekeying is, it’s where old locks can be maintained where only the old pins will be changed, making old keys no longer open the rekeyed lock. For some who have only think that replacing locks is the only solution to get new locks, you can now try rekeying.

Is Rekeying Your Locks Worth-It?

Rekeying is all worth it when you hired the right locksmith to do the work. Rekeying is a hard task, so you should let a professional do the job and don’t just hire anyone or the DIY way. Instead of learning how to rekey a lock, it is better to hire a professional who will make the work faster and easier, so don’t hassle yourself trying to rekey your locks without having the knowledge of the necessary steps on how to do it.

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