Road Safety Tips For Ardent Riders

No doubt, bikes are fun, cool and fuel-efficient. Whether it is a short ride to the nearby market or an enthralling road trip with friends, bikes are always an easy-to-go option.

However, do you wonder what would be the adverse side of it? Well, there is no guarantee that you’ll get to ride on smooth non-bumpy roads or you face a breakdown in the middle of the journey. Here, road safety measures come in the picture, which ensures the best possible safety while on road. Moreover, by adhering to these tips, you can restrain yourself from claiming your bike insurance for small mishaps. If you are planning your next road trip then these safety tips are for you. Let’s have a look.

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Say No To Bad Weather

There is nothing more romantic than riding your bike while it’s raining. Sadly, experts never suggest you to spin the wheels in a bad weather. Wet roads can be dangerous at times. So, plan your trip accordingly and only after going through the weather reports or avoid it for a couple of days until the weather condition improves.

Go For The Best Brand

Here is an important tip for the newbies! Select the bike carefully. Consider the brands when buying a new ride. The new bikes introduced in the market these days come with exclusive features and gives good mileage. You should select a bike that meets your specific needs.

Prior Inspection Is Necessary

It is an essential bike safety tip, and you must not ignore this step at all. Even if your bike is brand new, you must do a basic check before each road trip. Keep a regular check on the bike parts, wires, tires, engine even if you are not riding it.

Make Helmet Your Best Friend

The helmet is an essential asset that every biker should wear before every ride. Be specific at the time of choosing one as the current models are stylish but they may not offer complete protection. Opt for lightweight helmets without compromising on your safety. You should not worry about the price of the helmet; after all, you cannot put a price on your life, so it is worth the high cost.

Anti-Theft Device

By installing the anti-theft device, you can ensure optimum safety of your prized possession. Moreover, by opting for this device, you can claim for a discount on your bike insurance annual premium. Interesting, right?

You can also opt for anti-lock devices that control the bike steering in case it breaks unexpectedly. This prevents the bike from skidding if such a situation occurs.

Red-Green-Yellow – Follow The Tri-Lights

Reckless driving and not following the traffic rules lead to many road accidents. Traffic lights are there to ensure that you a ride your bike like a responsible biker who not only follows the traffic rules but is also concerned for other riders on the road. Traffic rules are quite strict in most of the countries worldwide and avoiding them may lead to a huge penalty.

Educate The Pillion

If there is a pillion rider with you, make secure he/she is aware of the basic safety rules. You can guide the passenger on how to behave while you ply the set of wheels on the road. Avoid stunts that can prove dangerous for both of you.

Ride With A Fresh Mind

To experience a good riding day, ensure you have had enough sleep in the previous night. You are free of stress and in a positive mood. Riding with a cheerful mood will help you enjoy the bike ride more. On the other hand, if you are riding just or the sake of it or in a bad mood, then you’ll not feel the same thrill.

Gear Up

The way you dress up matters while riding. Sometimes looking cool is not the priority but you should wear clothes that make the ride comfortable. Clothes with extreme protection are preferable.

Those sandals and shorts may be comfortable, but they are prone to disaster when riding a bike. If your bike slides, chances are high that your foot gets twisted. Even the shorts wouldn’t provide the much-needed protection to your legs.

Leather or reinforced jackets, pants or boots are the best options, especially in winter. Sunglasses are must to avoid the extreme heat in the daytime. You can wear gloves to protect the hands.

Simply Put

Bikes are considered a riskier choice of ride, but with some safety tips, you can avoid the road hazards. There are many experienced riders who have never been involved in a road collision. If you are ready for your next bike adventure, don’t forget to put safety first and ride with courtesy, care, and awareness.

When all is said and done, it boils down to this: wear your gear, know your bike and know your capabilities. When there is no hold on the environment, the least you can control is how you react to it by playing smart. Think about it!

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