Bike Garden: Try Stealing These Bikes!

I seem to have started all my articles with a question lately, and that’s really not intentional. It’s more of a way to make sure the reader is in the mindset of what the article is about. Unfortunately, this time is no exception to the rule that has occurred. So have you ever had your bike stolen? I mean, really stolen and never got it back. Well, I have, and it’s probably one of the most annoying feelings in the world. The one thing you ask yourself when that happens is if you securely locked it, or if it was your fault it got stolen somehow. The chances that it was your fault are probably minimal but the annoying feeling is still the same.

The guys over at Bike Guerilla have the solution that will make most thieves think twice if not a hundred times before they try stealing their bikes. As a matter of fact, it’s probably impossible to steal them. The reason why gets quite apparent when you see what they did to them. It’s a form of bike guerrilla art, and I can assure you that your bike will stay in its place for a long time.

They have created the ultimate bikefence out of bikes, and by the looks of it, it makes me wanna get a couple of these just to confuse the thieves from ever even getting close to my mountain bike. They have even created bikegates out of them. It’s quite genius really, but it has rather nothing to do with keeping your bike safe unfortunately. It’s a way to make a second use of a discarded bike ready to be transported to the bike graveyard. Pure recycling if you will. See, there is a second hand use for everything. There are tons of bike related mania over at Bike Guerilla so I suggest you hit over there to satisfy your hunger for anything bike.