Rock Climbing Essentials Every Newbie Climber Should Know

If you’re looking at all the noobs to rock climbing essentials, then you’re in the right place. In this piece, we’ll be looking at some of the most favorite things you need in rock climbing. It’s not that easy, but with time, rock climbing can become one of your favorite sports. Of course, you’ll need to be motivated, energized, and well informed before participating in this sport.

But if you’re hooked with rock climbing, then this item will be handy in solving some if not all of your climbing challenges especially when it comes to choosing your gear. Among the many challenges rock climbers face have to be about picking the right rock climbing gear.

For you to achieve the best experience and gain from the best gear, below are handy tips on rock climbing essentials every newbie climber should know about.

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1. Climbing Ropes

The right kind of rock climbing ropes should be durable, sturdy, and dynamic. Among other things to consider include the rope’s length, diameter, and the type of rope. To find the best rock climbing ropes, you’ll have to read website reviews on some of the best online stores dealing with rock climbing essentials. One thing to note is that when picking the right rock climbing rope, the rope’s length and diameter will most definitely affect its weight and in a way, this may have an impact on your performance.

Rock climbing ropes are available in two main categories. They include:

  • Static rock climbing ropes – These are ropes oftenly used when hauling loads up a cliff or when lowering staff. As the name suggests, these ropes are not designed to stretch and therefore, will not be ideal when used to ascend as they are not certified for such tasks.
  • Dynamic rock climbing ropes – On the other hand, dynamic ropes are stretchy, making them ideal for rock climbing because they’ll absorb the impact in case you fall. Dynamic ropes can be found in three different variations; single ropes, half ropes, and twin ropes. So, when picking the right kind of rock climbing rope, be specific on what you need based on the ropes specific uses.

2. The Right Climbing Shoes

If you’re looking to learn the ropes in rock climbing, then investing in the right gear will go a long way towards making your new-found sport a success. Now, when it comes to selecting the right shoes, you want to ensure that you’ll end with high-quality rock climbing shoes that are not only designed for the task at hand but also comfortable and offering maximum grip. The thing is, there are so many types of rock climbing shoes out there and unfortunately, not all will have the qualities you’re looking for.

Among the things you’ll need to consider when picking the right rock climbing shoes include:

  • The right design to go with your foot morphology
  • Determine your level of expertise
  • Durability
  • Features

3. Safety Helmet

Before you start on rock climbing, it’s of paramount importance that you wear a helmet. This will help to prevent injuries caused by debris chipping from rocks because come to think about it, rockfall happens and it can be extremely dangerous if you’re not protected. When picking a rock climbing helmet, prioritize on a great fit, security, and comfort. This is because you’ll be wearing the helmet for hours, meaning that the helmet should be easy to put on and put off without hurting you in the process.

4. Harness

This is yet another essential equipment needed in rock climbing. As a newbie, you’ll need to first learn how to use this equipment in a gym before getting physical on the field. There are various mandatory techniques you’ll need to learn especially when it comes to using a harness.

A rock-climbing harness is comprised of vital components such as:

  • Gear loops
  • Belay loop
  • Waist belt
  • Leg loops
  • Tie in points

When choosing a harness, you’ll need to carefully select a harness that is designed for your specific needs. Harnesses come in different types and as a newbie in rock climbing, it’s important that you start with a basic harness that’s designed for top-roping and gym rock climbing.

Now, as earlier mentioned, before you start with outdoor rock climbing, you must start learning the basics in a gym. This will provide you with an opportunity to learn safety rock climbing tips and a platform to sharpen your skills. As it turns out, rock climbing is a sport that you’ll fall in love with over time and it’s most likely that you’ll also want your friends to tag along.

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