Save A Ton Of Money On Your Next Vacation

In times like these when money is tight, I’m always inspired by people who get really creative about how to still enjoy life’s luxuries. Taking vacations is a perfect example. People everywhere are saving a ton of money by “exchanging” their house with others that want to swap houses with them for their vacation. I first learned of this concept when I saw it on Oprah about a year ago, and then today when I saw this video, I knew I had to share it with you.

Upon hearing about this idea, almost everyone immediately becomes nervous about having strangers in their home, but according to, “Think of home exchange as Internet dating for your home. Before you would actually go on a date with someone you met on the Internet, you would exchange some emails, talk on the phone a few times, and swap recent photos. By the time you agreed to meet, it wouldn’t be with a “stranger”. You wouldn’t go on a date if you didn’t feel a connection, and the same goes for a home exchange.”

Home Exchange has assisted thousands of people save a ton of money on hotels and restaurants around the world. Although you have to be very open minded to try this, it is apparently changing the travel perspective for a lot of people. Instead of being in a cramped hotel on your vacation, you are in a home environment experiencing the city like a local.

I wonder if this will catch on to the point of being considered a real vacation alternative. I guess only time will tell! This video offers some great insight on this creative option.