How To Save Your Eyes From The Damaging Blue Light From Your Screens

People spend most of their lives working and after a hard day at work, they retreat to their electronic devices to find solace and relaxation. What you may not realize is that you may be putting yourself at risk of damaging your eyesight.

When you are at work, you spend most of your time in front of your computer. On your way home you’re browsing through tweets and posts on the phone or tablet. When you get home, you sit to watch some TV.

All these electronic devices put you at risk of impairing your visibility.

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What Is Blue Light

It is important for you to understand that sunlight comprises of red, orange, green, blue, indigo, and violet light rays. When combined, it becomes the white light you are used to seeing when you look at the sun.

Red rays have longer wavelengths and less energy while blue rays have a shorter wavelength but higher energy. Apart from the sun and other electronic devices with screens, blue rays are also emitted by fluorescent lights and LED lights.

Blue rays have some benefits among them boosting alertness and elevating your mood but very few people often benefit because of overexposure. Children are the most risk because they spend too much time on electronic devices with screens. Most people use protective eyewear to minimize the effects of blue rays.

How Blue Rays Affect Your Eyes

Since you are exposed to the light for long periods, it is vital to understand how it could affect you. This kind of light passes through the lens and cornea to reach the retina. The light could affect your visibility by prematurely aging your eyes.

Here are two complications you may develop in the long run:

1. Retina Damage

Since the rays reach the retina directly, long term exposure could damage retina cells leading to poor visibility.

2. Digital Eyestrain

The blue rays from different electronic devices lead to the decrease in contrast thus causing you to develop digital eyestrain. This is because you will be straining to look at things clearly.

The condition is dependent on fatigue, bad lighting, dry eyes or simply how you sit in front of your computer and LED TV.

How To Protect Your Eyes From Blue Ray?

The easiest solution is to avoid too much exposure by spending less time on your electronic devices. However, that may be difficult. This is because it may not be practical to lessen your workload. Less work may translate to non-performance.

You have to remember that you still get exposure from the sun. Therefore, a formidable solution is wearing protective eyewear. These will protect you while at work and when outside. They include computer glasses with yellow tinted lenses that protect you from blue light.

However, apart from purchasing trendy Ambr Eyewear Blue Light Glasses or any other protective eyewear, you could also consider using a computer, phone, and tablet filters to protect your eyes. Otherwise, protective eyewear is one of the best solutions.

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