Save Money And Energy With New LED Parking Lot Lighting

One of the most enduring lighting technologies of the last few decades that has continued to go from strength to strength is LEDs. For a long time, LED lighting has become the go-to lighting solution for many businesses and homeowners, thanks to its energy-efficiency, amazing lifespan, and warmer and more natural illuminations.

The fact is that compared to older lighting solutions we all relied on in the past, LEDs provide a much brighter, better, and more reliable option for illumination. This is why they are not just being used in people’s homes and in the workplace, whether it’s a commercial kitchen, office, or call center, but also in outdoor spaces too.

We’re talking about public spaces, particularly those with shaded and covered areas like parking lots. According to some of the leading names in the lighting industry, LED use has very much transformed lighting in parking lots, both interior and exterior over the last decade or so.

It’s not hard to see why more local authorities are opting for LED lights in parking lots. Especially when you consider some of the main benefits of doing so.

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They Are Energy-Efficient

We’ve already touched on it briefly, but LED lights have backing from many researchers and experts in the world of electrical appliances and lighting as being one of the most energy-efficient products available right now.

There is only a very limited amount of energy wastage, thanks to the fact that they convert all the electricity into light. In addition, as they use less electricity, they have set a benchmark level for energy efficiency within the lighting sector.

High Performance

When compared to old-fashioned CFLs and incandescent bulbs, the lighting output offered by LED lighting solutions degrades very slowly and gradually over time.

This means that LEDs offer a long and effective functional lifespan that provides more balanced, brighter, and better lighting all around the particular space they are used in. Parking lots are one of those places where the lighting used has to be of the highest performance possible. Which is why LEDs are being utilized more and more every year.

Easy To Maintain

Lighting solutions for commercial buildings and properties, including parking lots, need to be regularly checked, maintained, cleaned, and replaced if necessary, so that they remain safe and secure places for people to park cars and walk to and from their vehicles.

Two of the things that have really pushed LEDs out there as the go-to lighting solution for parking lots is their longevity and durability. Based on the findings of some of the leading experts in the LED lighting solutions field, LED lights can remain fully functional for just short of 50,000 hours.

Although they still need to be cleaned and checked regularly, this longer lifespan offered by lights like those available at Total Lighting means that they are going to have much lower maintenance costs, meaning you can not only save on electricity and energy, but also on money over a prolonged period of time.


If there is one thing more than anything else that parking lots need to be, whether they are based under cover or out in the open, is safe. These are often huge and expansive areas that are empty to maybe half-full during off-peak periods and jam packed with cars and other vehicles during peak opening hours.

Therefore, it is necessary to illuminate the area effectively. When a parking lot is not lit properly, it becomes very inviting to burglars and thieves who are looking to steal belongings or vehicles.

As we have already noted above, LED lights last longer and are more energy-efficient, which is great from cost and maintenance points of view. However, the primary reason why they are considered ideal for parking lots is the fact that they are higher performance than traditional lighting solutions and shine brighter.

This means that they can flood a wide area, if the right size has been picked, with very balanced, consistent, and bright light to ensure that the patrons and their vehicles are as safe as possible at all times.

It’s not just robberies and car theft that having bright and uniform lighting in parking lots can help prevent. Other accidents and injuries can occur when there is not proper lighting in place. When the weather is bad for instance and there is surface water on the ground, or even worse, ice, if there is poor lighting, people walking to and from their vehicles could slip and have a nasty fall. With high-quality LEDs this is no longer an issue.


So, if you are responsible for the running and upkeep of a parking lot and think the lighting solutions in place need to be updated, you should give some serious consideration to the benefits we have outlined of using LEDs. They are not only cost and energy-efficient, but also help to ensure the area they are place is safe and secure.

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