The Secrets To A Great Cookout

Cookouts are a fun way to spend the weekend especially in the heat of summer. They are great social events where people can enjoy the sun and each other’s company. Not all cookouts are equal and there are some things you will have to get right if you want your cookout to be successful and everyone to have a good time.

The following are some secrets to a great cookout.

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Your cookout should always include some appetizers. As the name suggests, they are a great way to get the guest’s stomach ready for the great feast to follow. Appetizers can be anything you want but preferably something meaty since you will be eating meat afterward. Hotdogs, mini-burgers, and sandwiches are examples of good appetizers.


The heart of a great cookout is the food, particularly the meat. It will determine whether the cookout was successful or not. You want to get the freshest meat possible for your cookout. If you have to get it the day before, ensure that it is sufficiently refrigerated to remain fresh. You should also select meat with a good fat content as it tends to be more flavorful than plain lean meats.


The fuel you use to heat the grill is significant because it will affect how you cook the meat. Some fuels are not good options for heating meat. Such options include charcoal and other fuels with carcinogens. The best fuel option for a cookout is propane. The gas is odorless and clean. Cooking with clean fuel means better air quality for everyone at the cookout. Propane is also very easy to manage.


If the meat is the heart of the cookout then the importance of the grill with which you cook the meat cannot be understated. You want a grill that is first and foremost very clean so as not to contaminate your food. You also want a grill from a trusted brand. The most popular grill brand names include Broil King, Weber, Traeger, and Dyna-Glow. The best grills are natural gas grills but you can choose a wide variety of fuels. Choose a grill with a cover as that seals in the flavors.


Since you will probably be serving meat as the main course of the cookout, you have the opportunity to make it more flavorful. Seasoning makes a great difference in the quality of meat at a cookout. You should feel free to experiment with any seasoning you would like. Great examples of spices to use for seasoning include cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, and cumin. Sauces are also a part of seasoning the meat. You should include tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, and Hollandaise sauce among other types of sauces.


The utensils you use to serve your guests at a cookout matter a lot more than people think. It could either lessen your load or add to it. The best utensils for a cookout especially with a substantial number of people are disposable utensils. Otherwise, you will be forced to clean utensils over and over during the day. On the other hand, you should minimize the use of utensils so if you have to use an indispensable utensil, it should always be in use.

Buy In Bulk

The last thing you want during a cookout is anything to run out. Running to the store every time something is depleted is a huge inconvenience and will ruin your day. The key is to buy everything in bulk. Plan beforehand and ensure that you have everything you need in numbers. It will not only save you time but it will also save you money.  Many people are afraid to order in bulk for a cookout because they are afraid too much will remain. If there is a lot left, there are always many people in need of a meal, especially a delicious one.

Atmosphere & Drinks

Though food is the most important aspect of a cookout, it is not the only one. Therefore, you need to ensure that the atmosphere, in particular, is right for the occasion. Great ideas for this are music, games, and simply a cheerful mood. You can also add a theme to make your cookout more interesting. You should include drinks as part of your cookout. Having a buzz always does a party good.

There are many aspects to a successful cookout. However, the food is the key and if you win there, you have won half the battle. As long as you consider the atmosphere and follow my advice, your cookout will be fantastic.

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