Self-Recognition, Is It Important?

Have you tried Self Visualization?  I have written on here about a tool that allows people to see who they are via visuals. The creators of that tool YOUTEGO came up with another cool video that speaks about the importance of self-recognition.  I often feel sad that some people never really reach their goals or never have the opportunity to live their dreams, and I know a lot of reasons contribute to it. More often than not, people don’t even try because they are afraid or they simply feel that they have nothing to contribute.

I feel the video has in itself given us the answer about what needs to be done first and foremost – to look inside ourselves and answer one simple question, What makes me unique?

I love how the creator of the video summarized the moral of the story “The story of self-recognition is not a fantasy – it is a reality. Recognize your strengths, recognize your passion and you sense this incredible feeling of empowerment and entitlement. The whole idea of self-recognition is about answering one, simple question: what makes me unique? Answer that question, find your passion and be a success!”
All of us have different talents to share with the world.  We just need to know ourselves more and start sharing.  For those who have already started living their dreams, encourage others to do the same. Check out the video, and I hope it can be a source of inspiration.

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The Story of Self-Recognition