Seniors And Sex – How The Adult Novelty Industry Is Booming For 60+

For many, sex isn’t a matter of commitment, rather a way of self-expression, play, and exploration accompanied with learning and joyful abandonment. This is a great perspective and one that allows partners to enjoy the intimacy within a given relationship. The sexual landscape, however, differs a great deal with age; as far as youths and seniors are a concern. The latter seems to be more conservative, careful and keen veterans nursing the wounds and keeping the good of past relationships.

Unlike youths who are full of life and quick to spot a potential companion, the elderly usually have a hard time navigating around partners of their opposite sex. Whether they are single, divorced or still married; their feelings of love may be unbounded, but their capacity to be loving could be limited. In their age, love isn’t more of a spontaneous feeling by which they are overwhelmed but a commitment through thoughtful decisions.

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How Adult Novelty Is Taking Over

For a long time, sexuality among the elderly has remained a closed topic that’s only discussed behind the bedroom doors. This is, however, taking a shift as relationship experts unearth the different ways in which seniors can engage and enjoy the amazing sex life.

According to some of the recent topics on sex education from, it’s clear that general awareness and interests on the benefits of sex toys are now geared towards the seniors. Sex therapists believe that seniors in their retirement age and beyond should still enjoy the same sex stories as their young counterparts and even personalize the experience with or without their partners.

If there are people who are tired of the hide and seek of relationships are the seniors. An adult sex life doesn’t need to be full of drama or to be inclined to the psychology of falling in love. Their honeymoon days are over and the bloom of romance has partially faded.

In order to respond to the various sexual stimuli and answer the call of their animal nature; something as close to the initiation of falling in love has to come in. This is where adult novelty serves the purpose without compromising on the quality of life. Since most seniors have that hidden sexual drive, sex toys rejuvenate the need to embrace their sexuality and even get them out to actually rebuild their relationship.

The sex toys industry is utilizing modern technology to create products that primarily targets the elderly. Such products are designed with the seniors’ bodies and needs in mind so that compatibility and lifelong pleasures are achieved. Apart from offering toys like electro-stimulation vibrators, hollow dildos, clitoral pumps and suctions; many suppliers are now giving guides that educate the users for a better sexual experience.

Other leaders in the industry have gone an extra mile to design adult novelties targeting disabled users. This is not only a revolutionary idea but also one that addresses an opportunity that has been missed for years. Certain products now serve people in wheelchairs and even those with erectile dysfunction.

While sex toys are increasingly becoming popular, year in year out, the government is also taking major steps to make sure that quality and safe products reach the end consumers. All adult novelties must now get tested and have an FDA-approval before they can be supplied legally to various markets.

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