Sexy Buns: A Bread Design To Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

I just love it when I see creative bread designs. There is so much you can do with a ball of dough, and it’s fun to see the designs that foodies come up with when they decide to have fun with it. There is a certain technique to use when creating bread designs, and I found a great tutorial on How To Make Decorative Bread Designs if you want to try it for yourself.

Up until today, my favorite bread design was this very adorable little bird bread in his basket. Of course, if I was served that bird in a restaurant, I wouldn’t be able to eat him. I would probably keep him until he turned hard as a rock and started attracting ants, and then I’d have to throw him away.

My new favorite bread design is below. These are sexy buns, literally, and they are even packaged in this pretty pink bra. These were designed by Envision for Kohberg, a bread manufacturer in Denmark. Kohberg is the sponsor of The Danish Cancer Society’s annual event to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. This design was created to not only raise awareness, but also raise sales for a good cause since part of the revenue will be donated to find a cure for breast cancer. I wish these buns were available in the States because I would definitely buy some! In case you are wondering, the buns are rye bread.

Creative Bread Design Good Cause

Creative Bread Design Good Cause

Via: [Illusion.Scene360]