Simplest Way To Know If You Should Check Your Email [Flowchart]

Have you ever found yourself in the predicament where you just didn’t know if it was worth it checking your email? With all the spam that continuously litters our inboxes, it’s sometimes just too much to handle. Sure, there a million spam filters that you could use, but then you suddenly find yourself looking in your spam filter for legit emails sent to you. We are left wondering if there is any way we can win this battle. On top of all that, we can’t be sure anymore whether the emails that we open are safe for viewing. With sophisticated malware, Trojans and viruses being put together, there is just no way of knowing it seems.

So what could we possibly do to avoid inflicting permanent damage to our computer, company or even our reputation when we are constantly faced with these hazards? Don’t fret! There is one way to deal with all this, and one way only. We should all turn to the almighty flowchart brought to our attention by DELL. It’s a straight forward flowchart that will take you through a series of questions in order to really determine whether you should check that email or not.

If you ever find yourself in the situation again where you simply don’t know if an email is safe, turn to this badboy and all your problems will be solved. As a matter of fact, it’s quite a genius approach. I mean, if we could learn to check out more flowcharts every now and then, I think we would seriously be able to cut down on several severely time sucking decisions. It’s just a matter of making sure that we have them all at our disposal once these questions hit us, right? Well, the world is a little bit more complex than that I afraid, so I guess we’re left with only one choice, to take each decision as we come across them. However, this one should be printed, nailed to the wall and studied. You’d be surprised what it will do to your spam interaction.

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Via: [UFunk – French]