Sir Richard’s Creative Condom Marketing

Like many entrepreneurs, I’m very inspired by Sir Richard Branson. Of course the amount of money he’s been able to earn in his lifetime is staggering, but for me, I’m more inspired by the way he thinks. He follows his dreams without compromising, and creates his own path to success. He follows his gut and what he knows is the truth rather than blindly following others.

This recent article in Entrepreneur magazine entitled, “Richard Branson on Taking Chances” was, as usual, very insightful to me. I’ve written about him before on Bit Rebels. There was this article about his entrepreneurial philosophies, and this one about how he is soon going to be offering vacations into space! Today I stumbled across a company which I thought was associated with Sir Richard Branson himself since it’s called “Sir Richard’s Condom Company,” however, after speaking to a representative on the phone today, I determined it is not associated with him after all. Nonetheless, the marketing is brilliant and definitely worth sharing with you. It is the world’s first “buy one, give one” condom company.

The people at Sir Richard’s Condom Company believe that safe sex should be a basic human right, so for every condom you purchase from the company, they will donate one to a developing country. The condoms come in several different styles including extra large, ultra thin, classic ribbed and pleasure dots. You can purchase them at Sir Richard’s Condom Company. You gotta love the marketing below. Nice! Like the website says, “Doing good never felt better.”

Via: [Cool Material] Image Credit: [Jimmy Book]