Six Reasons To Consider A Career In Nursing

Becoming a nurse is a decision made by thousands of people every year. Across the country, hundreds of hospitals require hundreds of thousands of nurses to keep our ill and our infirm safe and well – and nurses can work in homes for the elderly, and in disabled centers, too.

With so much scope to the job, and so much to specialize in overtime, there’s little wonder that nursing is considered one of the most rewarding jobs in the twenty-first century. In this short guide, you’ll learn the six key reasons why you should consider nursing as a career in 2020.

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Nursing is a profoundly social role. Not only are you continually attending to the needs of patients and their families, but you’ll also be working within a hospital or health center in which the staff is tightly bonded. The closeness and supportive nature of team in healthcare institutions are well-know and are fostered by the long hours and camaraderie that comes with them.

Meanwhile, you’ll have a wonderful time meeting patients from across the social spectrum – many of whom you will remember treating for the rest of your life. This job is incredibly rewarding in terms of the face-to-face time you get with hundreds of people every month – and as such, nursing is an excellent job for those who need some social excitement and fulfillment in their career.

Helping Others

Possibly the key reason that people nurse as their life’s career is because they care. They’re motivated to help people in the unfortunate position of being ill, and they’re prepared to show compassion and patience to all of the people who pass through their healthcare institution. Nurses are rewarded for their hard work and diligent mindsets by the feeling that they’re helping improve the lives of the people they care for each and every day.

As such, careers in nursing are often pursued by those with a compassionate heart, and a headstrong ability to focus on helping people. It’s a beautiful career for those who want to find meaning in their jobs – after all, your treatment can mean the difference between life and death for your patients. You’ll leave each and every shift proud of your work, and keen to help more people who come through your hospital.

Qualify Quickly

A common misconception about nursing is that you have to go through laborious years-long qualifications in order to work in hospitals. While there are some courses that last between three and four years, this is not the only way to qualify as a nurse.

If you’ve already completed your undergraduate degree in a different subject, for instance, it’s possible to sign up for an accelerated BSN program that lasts only a year, and gives you intensive training in all things nursing.

This quick course, and those like it, can transform your life – and the ability to convert what you studied at college into something vocationally useful is something that thousands leap at every year.

So, if you’re considering your next career move, but you’re concerned about the qualifications necessary to build a profile as a nurse, you should look into the accelerated courses that’ll get you qualified as a nurse sooner than you might have first thought.

Career Progression

A career as a nurse can take many twists and turns. You’ll begin as a junior nurse, responsible for general duties around the healthcare institution that you work in. But, by learning from more senior nurses, you’ll quickly become aware of the ways in which you can improve your output, increase the level of care that you deliver, and become a more impressive nurse as a result. It’s in this way that you’ll gain the confidence to take on more responsibility as you progress as a nursing professional.

Meanwhile, you’re also able to specialize as a nurse – in whichever part of medicine is particularly interesting to you. You may have a particular affiliation with children, which you may want to take into your pediatric work.

Or, you may prefer offering compassion and care to the elderly, which will require you to learn more medical and nursing skills to apply to the world of geriatrics. In both cases, you’re free to pursue your passions and to become more senior, as you progress through your career as a nurse.

Job For Life

As automation sweeps across the world, it’s suggested that as many as 30% of all jobs will be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence algorithms. Even professions that require training and expertise are supposedly under threat, like journalism and careers in law.

But in the medical arena, it’s seen as very unlikely that nurses will be phased out: their superhuman care and their diligence, not to mention their human touch, are seen as essential to providing the care that patients expect. There’s also a lack of nurses – not just in the US, but across the world.

By qualifying as a nurse, therefore, you’re entering a job market that’s keen to hire individuals like yourself – and you’ll be able to find a role in the hospital of your choice, in whichever state or country you desire to live in. This is one of the lesser-known perks of nursing: the fact that you can take this job overseas, and instantly work while traveling in a new country.

Lifelong Learning

As nursing deals with people primarily, and people situated at a difficult period of their lives, it’s an excellent window into the complexity and messiness of life. As a nurse, you’ll hear a thousand stories, and see a hundred different ways to mourn a loss, or celebrate recovery. You’ll learn along the way about the human condition, and what it is to work in healthcare in the modern era.

All of this, coupled with the social and medical skills that you’ll never stop learning, are good reasons to begin a career in nursing. If you’re fond of the idea of learning throughout your life, you will find that nursing fulfills that hunger particularly well, keeping you interested every day that you head into work.

These six key reasons to become a nurse are widely-known in the healthcare industry but are worth sharing with the general population in order to encourage those dithering over a career to consider a rewarding career in nursing.

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