6 Clever Strategies To Sleep At Work [Infographic]

There comes a time in every employee’s life when they just want to facepalm into the desk in front of them and sleep for a couple hours. It’s an appealing thing to do, but few people are allowed to rest except during lunch breaks or casual meetings. We have written about sleep here on Bit Rebels many times, and we have shared countless infographics on the subject. However, the aspects we haven’t covered are the basic yet intricate ninja tactics for how to sleep during work hours. It’s a skill that many people wish they had a black belt in. When it comes down to it, would you really dare to get some shuteye and risk the chance of snoring? With some clever moves and props, you just might get away with some ninja moves that will allow you to sleep at work.

I wouldn’t recommend that anyone sleep at work though because if your boss catches you, he or she will probably fire you on the spot. But who doesn’t want to live on the wild side every once in a great while, right? So what are the different strategies which will allow you to sleep at work? They are rated by execution and comfort, but I was a little bit confused about the fact that there are no “detection” ratings on these strategies.

The 6 clever strategies are presented by Online Clock (design by mbwesson) and are called Strategies For Sleeping On The Job. If you skim through these strategies, you will quickly see that they are quite easy to execute – pretty much all of them. When it comes to detection and comfort, it of course all depends on the environment surrounding you and your workplace.

It would seem to me like the best option would really be the “Power Outage” one, but it has been rated as “mild comfort,” which I honestly don’t understand. That sure looks a whole lot more comfortable than the “Stand In” option. But what do I know, I don’t usually sleep at work, but if I did, I would certainly go for the first option.

If anyone has experience when it comes to getting a bit of sleep at work, and if you would like to contribute to this list, don’t hesitate to add your strategies in the comment section below (just make sure you uncheck the “post to facebook” option first though since you wouldn’t want your boss to find out about your epic skills). That way, we can all learn from your ninja skills. To summon it all up, is there really any gain to secretly hiding the fact that you are exhausted and sleeping at work? Is a power nap a substitute for this, or are we just fooling ourselves? I would say both of these are valid questions.

Online Clock’s Sleep At Work Infographic

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Via: [visual.ly]